Words That Generate Attraction In The Female Mind (and make her chase!)

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Here are a few easy-to-remember phrases that convey DOMINANCE, CONFIDENCE, and MASCULINITY when delivered with the right tone and in the right manner (which I’ll show you). Use these while talking to a girl to spark the attraction and get her chasing you.

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Soulmate, Romantic Friend or Frenemy?

There is so much mystique surrounding the idea of a Soul Mate, especially in the delusional illusion idea that a Soul Mate is the romantic lead in your play. Not that a Soul Mate cannot be romantic but more times than not, a Soul Mate can come in all kinds of guises in your life. You write the scripts, you cast the players, and so amazingly you stage the performances. In the dynamics of your screenplay throughout your time continuum, you are always the central figure.

How To Screen Out Girls Interested Only In Your Wallet

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Are You Some Kind Of Player?

Most guys get thrown then they get this question. In this article, you’ll learn how to answer it.

Know When To Cut Your Losses When Meeting Girls

Talking to girls is amazing. But sometimes a line is crossed and we don’t even know it.

How To Turn Your Friend Into Your Sexual Partner

Plenty of guys have friends that are girls. But they don’t have to be just friends.

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