Why Nice Guys Finish Last – 7 Reasons Why Girls HATE Nice Guys (AVOID THESE!)

Are you a nice guy? Don’t agree that nice guys finish last? Here’s the REAL reason why women HATE nice guys and EXACTLY how to avoid it.


Today we’re sharing the 7 biggest reasons why nice guys finish last… and EXACTLY why girls HATE nice guys

There was a time, not too long ago actually, that being a nice guy just meant you were, you know… Nice.

…But since then, it’s taken on another definition.

What does it mean to be a nice guy? What is nice guy syndrome? Why do we have full videos titled “don’t be the nice guy” and “how to stop being the nice guy”?

Because… these days, you can be good, you can be kind… But you don’t want to be nice.

Nice is lukewarm. At best it’s an unremarkable, generic compliment, and at worst, being called “nice” is a low key criticism that speaks to a weak-willed nature and tendency to be a pushover…

Not exactly something you want, right? And you know it’s definitely something that girls hate.

So… let’s jump in with the 7 things you can avoid if you DON’T want to be a nice guy.

PS: for those wondering… we took a lot of inspiration for this video from Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson.

Check out the full post on our website here: https://www.mantelligence.com/nice-guys-finish-last/


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