What Makes A Woman Think About Sex With YOU

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Here is my proven 3 step formula for when you meet a cute girl and want to make her into your girlfriend. To make this formula work when you really want it to, be sure to learn and practice each step beforehand with other girls before you use it on the one that you actually want.

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Top 10: Best Places To Pick Up Girls

Choosing the best places to pick up girls is just as important as knowing how to pick them up. The reason for this is because there’s lots of guys who choose the worst places in the world to try and pick up women. Is it because they want a challenge?

Easy Conversation Starters For Gorgeous Women

You see a girl, and you want to talk to her. What should you say?

Why Pacing Statements Are Perfect Conversation Starters For Gorgeous Women

First impressions are hard to break. That’s why the first few things you say to a woman are crucial.

The Truth About Conversation Starters And Openers For Hot Women

Believe it or not, most women are just as nervous as you when you go and talk to them. In this article you’ll learn how to supercharge your confidence and have much better success.

Use the Power of Sight to Create Love at First Sight (Make Her Feel Love Almost Instantly)

People were able to communicate before they developed the ability to speak. They communicated through gestures, body language, the use of their eyes, and with some animal-like sounds. Why do guys still believe that the use of words is the only way to communicate?

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