What Do Women Look For In A Man (Kezia in conversation with her team)

We shot this video back in June. Packed with incredible content and honest confessions. Sadly the audio isn’t great due to the disorganised camera guy we had, but this video is what inspired me to start my new show ‘A Piece Of The Attraction’ podcast.
Funny how things work out hey?

Me and some of the members of my team have a conversation about a few ‘hot potato’ topics.
#Metoo, Dating apps, Approaching women in the street and why my email ettiquette needs some serious improving!
As usual, we speak candidly, openly about our personal experiences and methods of teaching.
Each of the instructors in this video has a decade of experience in helping men acheive success in their dating lives, and hopefully these conversations will provide you with some helpful insights. Enjoy!
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