What 99.9% Of Women NEED To Get TURNED ON | How To Get A Girl In the Mood To Sleep With You

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Ever been on a date with a hot woman and you did everything right, knew she liked you, had a nice conversation, made her laugh, seemed to connect with her and yet somehow you never felt she even got a little bit flirtatious with you?

Or maybe you’re sitting there with her, and you’re asking each other questions and get to know each other…but the spark just isn’t there?

Or maybe you’ve never understood why some guys regularly get women to sleep with them on the first or second date and you just end up with a kiss on the cheek no matter how hard you try to be the perfect guy for her?

Then what I am talking about in this video may well be the reason why so far you’ve not managed to really turn women on and getting them in the mood when you’re talking to them on a date.

The great thing is: It’s not that difficult to fix this. In fact, any man can do it. All you’ve got is know what you have to do and sprinkle a little bit of it into the interaction in a natural way and you’ll notice you get her in the mood….to kiss you or even to sleep with you.

Of course…this is not a magic trick and you need to use it gently and subtly….but if you’re currently struggling to get women to get into the mood with you then this may well be at the heart of it.

Let me know what you think and how you could apply this on your next date!

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