Video For Practicing Eye Contact – THREE Difficulty Levels

This is a special episode here from quarantine: practicing your eye contact from home so by the time this all blows over you’ll be able to hold strong eye contact like a boss.

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Gentleman’s game here so with everything that’s been going on in the world recently regarding Cove in nineteen Kansas’s are you probably haven’t been able to go out and practice your body language around women so I thought I’d do something a bit different today everyone knows how important eye contact is when you’re trying to flirt the more you can hold strong eye contact and not look away the more confidence you’re able to portray and since it’s looking like most clubs bars and pretty much any social venue is probably going to be shut down for the next couple of weeks to discourage lots of people from gathering this video is gonna be a great way to practice your eye contact so I’m not gonna talk at all once it starts the goal is just to make super strong eye contact with the person on the screen and not look away I know it’ll probably feel pretty weird at first staring at a computer screen if people can fool their brains into getting turned on by porn which is just pixels on a screen then why wouldn’t they be able to practice eye contact with pixels on a screen okay so with all that being said here it goes ready 1 2 3 you all right so that was a few minutes straight of practicing your eye contact if you felt at all uncomfortable then that’s good it means you’re training your brains who hold eye contact even though it feels awkward so I hope you gain something out of this next week will be the third installment of the artist induction series so make sure to LIKE and subscribe and as always peace!

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