Using Your Voice To Attract Any Woman

This is the second installment of the Art of Seduction series. Here we will explore the first 2 types of seducers, the Siren and the Rake. We’ll see that they are both good at using their voice to seduce people, and then we’ll discuss a strategy to make your voice much more seductive.

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This is the second episode in my new series on Robert Greene’s book the art of seduction if you haven’t checked out the first episode yet which kind of goes over the general theory of seduction and how was developed throughout history into what it is today check that out right here this episode is gonna go over the first two types of seducers that Robert Greene introduces in his book the siren and the rake the siren is a female type of seducer whereas the rake is a male one these two are the only seducers of the nine that are gender specific but what we’ll see is that both these types of seducers are good at using their voice in order to attract people which is the theme of today’s video so first I’m gonna go into the female siren seducer then the rake then finally a great tip on how to more effectively use your voice as a tool of subduction but first do me a favor and give this video a like it’ll show me that this series is a good idea to continue all right so the siren if you were forced to read The Odyssey in high school like I was you might be familiar with the siren in Greek mythology they’re portrayed as these creatures that lured sailors in with their enchanting voice sirens are a type of seducer that’s pretty specific to women these are women who have an abundance of sexual energy and know how to use it to their advantage you see most of us guys can get pretty bored with a girl no matter how beautiful she is after some time guys yearn for a variety both for pleasure and adventure so sirens understand this and that all she needs to do to keep a man vexed is to create the illusion that she offers this kind of variety and adventure girls who are sirens represent every guy’s fantasy a very sexual and confident offering endless pleasure and a bit of danger a perfect example of a siren is queen Cleopatra of Egypt Robert Greene paints a story of the first time that Caesar met Cleopatra a Greek merchant tells Caesar that he has a gift for him Caesar is curious so he lets him in the merchant brings in a giant rolled-up carpet undos the rope around the bundle and unfolds the carpet and inside is a half clothed twenty-one-year-old Cleopatra rising from the carpet like the goddess Venus Green rights everyone was dazzled at the sight of the beautiful young woman before them suddenly as if in a dream they were astounded at her daring and Fiat Rissa t she was in the prime of her life with a delightful voice which could not fail to cast the spell over all those who hearted Caesar was spellbound as soon as he set eyes on her and she opened her mouth to speak that same night Cleopatra became Caesar’s lover now Caesar was used to having mistresses trying anything to keep him under their spell but he would always end up ditching them for what really interested him politics conquest and theater but nothing prepared him for Cleopatra she would put on all these grand spectacles for him that would just blow him away like dressing up as the goddess Isis surrounded by the riches of her court or taking him on a lavish expedition along the Nile and the truth is according to historical descriptions of her Cleopatra wasn’t that special in terms of her looks in fact there were other girls more prettier than her but it was her ability to distract the man that worked so well she would be transforming her appearance on a day-to-day basis a one-woman spectacle and of course her voice was absolutely legendary ancient writers described her voice as so intoxicating that even if her words were boring she’d say them so sweetly that listeners would find themselves remembering not what she said but how she said it Cleopatra provided constant variety tributes mock battles expeditions everything had a bit of drama and was done with lots of energy from her we learned that it’s not beauty that makes a siren but rather a theatrical streak that allows her to embody immense fantasies also we can take away that sirens never speak quickly or aggressively their voices always calm soothing and unhurried as if she had never quite woken up or left her bed so the second type of seducer is the rake this describes the guy who’s pretty unashamed about how obsessed he is with women the rake understands that all women wants to be desired they want to feel beautiful and sexy and the rake goes out of his way to indulge them in this pleasure just like the siren is good at distracting men with her physical appearance the rake is good at distracting woman with his intense desire Greene writes a woman is often defensive and consents in sincerity but if she feels consumed by your attentions and is confident you’ll do anything for her she’ll notice nothing else about you or will find a way to of your indiscretions this is the perfect cover for a seducer the keys to show no hesitation to abandon all restraint to let yourself go a good historical example of the rake that Robert refers to is Gabriel DiNunzio in the early 1880s he was just a young journalist trying to enter high Roman society he had no money no connections in the Italian royalty even thought he was downright ugly short with a dark splotchy complexion and bulging eyes so much so in fact that they gladly let him Ingle with their wives and daughters certain that their girls would be safe from this ugly looking gargoyle turned out to be a big mistake the second he was alone with these duchesses his manner would all of a sudden change within minutes these girls would be spellbound he was described as having the most magnificent voice they had ever heard soft and low each syllable articulated with a flowing rhythm an inflection that was almost musical one woman compared it to the ringing of church bells in the distance others said his voice had a hypnotic effect you see even though Gabriel wasn’t exactly a handsome guy he knew how to effectively use his language to seduce a woman he knows that a girl’s weakness is to language and words that’s why Gabriel will use this super vibrant way of speaking he’d use alliteration and poetic images when offering praise to a girl’s beauty which melts at the heart of almost any woman he tried it on he had mastered the art of flattery he’d caught one girl a goddess of nature another one an incomparable artist in the making another one romantic figure straight out of a novel and each of these girls heart would flutter as he described in detail the effect she had on him everything was flirty suggesting at sex or romance these duchesses would go to sleep at night pondering his words not really what he specifically said but more so the feeling it had given her then the next day she’d receive a poem from him that seemed to be written specifically for her even though the truth was he had dozens of these poems and just changed them around slightly he seduced many women in high society royalty such as dancer Isadora Duncan who remarked perhaps the most remarkable lover of our time is Gabrielle D’Annunzio and notwithstanding that he is small bald and except when his face lights up with enthusiasm ugly but when he speaks to a woman he likes his face is transfigured so that he son becomes Apollo his effect on woman is remarkable the lady he is talking to suddenly feels that her very soul and being are lifted another one of his lovers French actors Simone come and said how can one explain his conquest except by his extraordinary verbal power and the musical timbre of his voice puts her the service of exceptional eloquence for girls like me are susceptible to words but wished by them longing to be dominated by them and that describes the essence of the rake a type of person who uses language very effectively by almost being a bit vague the rake chooses words for their abilities who suggests insinuate hypnotize elevate things it’s like the male equivalent to the siren a powerful distraction on the senses the reason the rakes use of language is so effective in seducing others is because it’s not necessarily used to communicate information more so to persuade flatter and stir emotional turmoil so if you want to channel your inner rake understand that when you’re talking to a girl the less they focus on what you say and more on how you make them feel the more seductive you’ll come across because despite what you think girls aren’t all tender creatures that some people think they are just like guys they’re attracted to the forbidden the dangerous even the slightly evil in fact a lot of girls actually feel oppressed by the role that society expects her to play the nurturing caring forest that looks for commitment and lifelong royalty they yearn for something exciting and that’s exactly what the rink offers an affair with pleasure for its own sake and a bit of danger so those are the first two types of seducers the siren and the rake and now that you know just how much of an effect your voice or words can have on seducing someone here’s my favorite tip I like to use to improve one’s voice and it is drumroll please yawning sounds a bit weird at first right well let me explain you see when a lot of guys talked to a cute girl they’ll get a bit nervous and when that happens they tend to speak from their throat they’ll say something like hey nice to meet you that definitely isn’t the best way to make a good first impression what you want to do instead is to speak from your diaphragm at a bit of a lower grounded pitch something more like hey nice to meet you it’s a subtle change but it makes a huge difference in the power that your words have the trick is to emphasize those lower tones those are sounds and a good way to practice this is to yawn ah do it slow towards the end so you really get into those lower tones and practice those vocal muscles ah I know it sounds stupid but I recommend doing it five times a day to train the parts of your vocal cord and diaphragm that helps speaking in this lower more seductive way once you learn to do this over the course of a few weeks you’ll be able to speak more slowly more relaxed with those lower tones that help you tap into your inner rake to use language as a means to seduce anyone so to summarize today we learned the first two types of seducers in Robert Greene’s book the art of seduction the female siren and the male rake we learned that a big commonality between these two is the use of the voice in order to seduce others and a tip to make your voice more attractive to others is to increase the range of your voice by yawning especially emphasizing on those lower tones so that’s it for the video quick announcement I finally made it Instagram to all of you who have been bothering me to make one so go ahead and follow me there my account name is right here I literally have zero followers over there right now and I’m trying to break a thousand within the next month so please help me out and as always feel free to check out my free pdf on the fundamentals of attraction which you can also find in the description below and next week I have a special video.

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