Top 10 Mistakes Men Make with Women (Major Turnoffs! And What to Do Instead) #DatingAdvice

Top 10 Mistakes Men Make with Women (Major Turnoffs! And What to Do Instead) #DatingAdvice

What are the biggest mistakes men make with women? Can you guess?

Some of these mistakes will surprise you because they are counter intuitive.

In other words, you’ve likely made several of these mistakes and not even realized it.

But that’s the good news!

Wait, what?

Yes, the more of these mistakes you’ve made with women, the more opportunities you have to change what you’re doing and win women’s attention, appreciation and affection.

Bam. Just like that.

Because here’s the thing: If you are turning her off with any one of these mistake most men make, then you won’t get another chance.

But if you’re the one guy who doesn’t mess up in these areas, then you’ll stand out in a good way.

So, if you want to turn her on you gotta avoid turning her off.

Which of these mistakes have you made most often?

Let me know in the comments!!

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You’re welcome!

xo AJ

p.s. I was kinda tired when I made this video. My apologies for the lack of energy.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional therapist. This is for entertainment only. Use advice at own risk.


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