THIS Mistake DESTROYS Your Success With Women

So many good guys who could easily be successful with women, end up failing and getting rejected because of this one, tiny mistake.

What is the mistake?

It is, to fear a woman’s potential reaction to what you want to say or do around her. (Watch the video for examples).

That fear destroys your success with women all the way from picking up women, going on dates, having sex and being in a relationship.


Women want BALLS.

Women really love balls.

The kind of balls that women really love comes from a man having relaxed confidence and relaxed courage around women and people in general.

Essentially, you have what I call, RELAXED, BALLSY CONFIDENCE.

Displaying that type of confidence when you first meet a woman, go on a date with her, have sex with her or have a relationship with her is a TURN ON for her.

Women can literally start to feel turned on and even become wet when they interact with a guy who has relaxed, ballsy confidence.

Here’s the thing though…

Even though most men have the capacity to display and have that type of confidence, they don’t because they worry way too much about a woman’s potential reaction to what they may say or do when talking to her for the first time, being on a date with her, having sex with her and being in a relationship with her.

Watch the video above for examples.

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See you in the next video!


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