The SECRET to Approaching Girls – 11 BEST Ways to Approach a Girl

Gentlemen, today we’re showing you the 11 best ways to approach a girl and a few tricks to approaching girls.

Everybody knows that guy:

No, not the guy that knows exactly how to approach a girl he wants… but the guy who talks a big game about which girls he wants, and which girls want him… except when it comes time to actually talk to girls, he shuts down.

Well guys, we don’t want you to be that guy. We don’t want you to be all talk, and no action. And we don’t want you to be wishing you had talked to that girl who you swear was into you.


That’s why we’re gonna show you how to set up the perfect approach, some great ways to approach a woman and how to execute both to a tee.

…And just to make sure nothing goes wrong at the last minute, we’re also sharing the #1 thing you can do that will make any girl lose interest… and bounce real quick.

So… here is the absolute best way to approach a girl + the #1 you cannot do when approaching girls.

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