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Yo gentlemen’s game here you know i realize so many guys take dating so seriously overthinking situations they find themselves in with women like some dudes will be thinking oh what did she mean by that oh she’s just playing games god this is so frustrating all women are like that when in reality not all women are out to get you guys like these i mentioned they’ll be in a situation and think okay i need to say this line now or i need to show value this way to attract her see that’s why i make these videos is to break things down for you guys cause relationships can seem complicated but it’s actually pretty simple in all honesty see when it comes to seduction there’s some things you can do to gauge your interest ways you can increase your attractiveness to her but at the end of the day either she’s gonna mess with you or she’s not right like there’s a point where she either wants you or she doesn’t and overthinking things and planning your next move like some chess match is just a waste of your time like i remember five to six years ago i had this huge crush on a classmate of mine and every time she would walk into class i’d greet her and give her compliments i’d spend all this mental energy planning out what i’d say to her before she came in when it was so painfully obvious to everyone else observing us that she just didn’t feel the same way back right she liked the attention i’d give her every day she’d smile when i complimented her or sympt for her because it was good for her ego it was good for her self-esteem but did i ever really have a shot with her at that point in my life truthfully no i was way too insecure in my own skin i gave way too much of an f about what others thought about me and had she actually shown me any affection back i definitely would have been extremely needy it didn’t matter how much overthinking i did how much advice i got from my friends on what to do to get her to like me because at the end of the day she had already made up her mind and there was little i was able to do to change it when i compare that experience to other ones where a woman did clearly want me it really is night and day see when you put in the work to become a high value dude when you’ve worked on your charisma your purpose your social confidence to where you’re becoming more and more attractive to women it’s a complete 180 to that story i mentioned when a woman likes you when a woman truly wants you you’ll know because you won’t be overthinking it she’ll make her feelings well known to you see when a woman wants you it feels effortless like almost anything you say or do gets a reaction from her you won’t have to fake anything because she’ll like you for who you are right she’ll want to hang out with you she’ll want to touch you kiss you have sex whatever it is i actually have like the perfect crazy story to illustrate this contrast so last year i was out celebrating my homie allen’s birthday we were both single at the time so it was a little goal of mine to find him a girl in the club we ended up at now luckily for alan he’s a pretty good looking guy when he cleans up with an awesome sense of humor so he started getting hit on pretty aggressively by the female bartender the moment we ordered drinks he seemed to like her back and i could tell she was just his type so i left him alone to talk to her while i went to the dance floor to see how lively it was surprisingly enough it was a really good crowd they were blasting my favorite kendrick lamar’s song and the alcohol was starting to kick in ever so slightly so i decided it was time to go in there and buff some moves while my friend did his thing with the bartender i’m in the middle of the crowd doing my silly awkward dance moves with no hesitation at all and out of the corner of my gaze i see this cute brunette with her friend she had this classy regal look to her like some german princess alan’s got his girl so i gotta find mine i think i make my way over to her and i actually introduce myself to her friend first i do this so i can flirt with the one i’m actually interested in without being rude to her friend yo you guys look fun but your friend she looks like she’s trouble i tell a friend with a little grin they laugh and tell me they’re from out of town we have a table says the one i’m actually interested in want to join us sure so i come over to their table and i’m thinking great she definitely likes me why would they invite me over otherwise so i start making small talk with both of them but also flirting more and more with the cute one i’m like leaning in smiling gauging how she responds each time i escalate things a bit but i didn’t really feel any reciprocation back from her she’s like talking to me holding down her end of the conversation but every time i subtly touch her shoulder or something she doesn’t really show excitement or anything like that i decided to just be more direct in case she maybe didn’t sense my intent yeah no way i was on a debate team too i guess i’m just a good arguer you know yo you’re actually pretty cute i say she gives me this blank stare and says nonchalantly thanks at this point i knew she just wasn’t that into me but i felt like i couldn’t just get up and leave their table right there on the spot since it looked rude so i decided to stay for just another five minutes and just make some more small talk about their hometown then two guys actually join our table out of nowhere mind if we stand here there’s no space and i’ll get us a round of drinks one of them offers i had no problems with it and neither did the girls so we all start casually introducing ourselves and making more small talk i can start to see that the girl that i was originally into actually has a thing for the one who bought the table the round of drinks she’s like laughing at everything he’s saying gazing at his eyes leaning closer to him even tries dancing with him at one point the funny thing was he actually seemed oblivious to the whole thing like this dude just seemed like a nice guy who was just trying to be social i don’t think he was trying to meet a girl or maybe he had a girlfriend or just wasn’t into her of course i realized what’s going on but instead of being salty or butthurt about this woman liking him instead of me i actually find the whole thing kinda amusing i think huh looks like she’s really into this dude doesn’t really make sense for me to stick around here anymore i wonder what allen’s up to and graciously say goodbye and leave the table i’m heading to the bar to try and find alan but then i hear a girl’s voice call out my name hey gentleman’s game i turn around and recognize my friend elaine from back in school oh what are you doing here we catch up for a bit and then she actually introduces me to her friend jessica so jessica and i have a drink make some small talk and i notice she’s giving me lots of smiles and indicators of interest she’s super easy to talk to and i’m making her giggle effortlessly i’m becoming more and more attracted to her the longer we talk and she was actually a really cool and sweet person my friend elaine comes up to me and sort of whispers in my ear hey i think she likes you she’s single too have fun and from then on i knew it was pretty much on between me and jessica she’s touching my arm pretty frequently and leaning in and at one point she leads me to the dance floor where we start getting more physical i’m having so much fun with this girl that it took me a while to realize i never even got back to the bar to find alan so i tell jessica hey it’s my friend’s birthday today i think he was flirting with the bartender you want to say hi she says sure so this time we actually make it to the bar and sure enough alan is still there flirting with the bartender girl he sees me waves me over and tells me dude she’s getting off work in like five minutes i’m gonna grab some drinks at her place i give him a look like nice go do your thing bro as i turn back to jessica and tell her looks like i’m all yours then we go back to dancing just having a great time and long story short i end up bringing her home that night out was super memorable for me as well as enlightening for precisely the main reason of this video because throughout the course of a single night i met two different women on opposite ends of the attraction meter right with the first girl who invited me to her table even though i found her attractive it was obvious that no matter how much i tried or how much game i spewed she just wasn’t that into me this was cemented even more when it was clear that she had a thing for one of those guys that later joined our table but instead of getting really upset about it and letting it ruin my night or wasting even more of my time trying to get a girl that just wasn’t giving me many signs of interest back i just brushed it off and continued my night i understood that just cause this girl wasn’t feeling me didn’t mean that there wasn’t someone else that would you see a lot of this has to do with your sense of self-worth if you’re solid about who you are if you’re comfortable in your own skin then it won’t matter if a girl isn’t reciprocating interest you’ll just move on to the next one because your confidence comes from within not from how other people react and respond to you so that’s what i did i knew my worth graciously left the table and within four to five minutes i ended up meeting another attractive girl who was almost immediately into me so moral of the story guys don’t settle for less than what you deserve if you’re truly not showing interest after a certain amount of effort then you have to move on and find someone else that will that’s it for the video and as always if you want my free 5 page pdf on the fundamentals of attraction or want to follow me on instagram then check it out in the description box below and next week i have a real fun topic planned for a video so make sure to like subscribe and hit the notification bell and as always peace.

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