The Modern ALPHA MALE ‘A Piece Of The Attraction’ with Kezia Noble

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The Modern Alpha Male

In this climate of confusion regarding the roles we should play when it comes to dating, expectations, attraction and relationships, men are often left puzzled about what the fu*k an alpha male represents anymore!
Myself and two of my top instructors on the team take a look at the alpha males from a bygone era, and compare them with the new updated versions that society encourages, but that just don’t seem to make the same impact or fulfil the deep desires of women. We also look at the key qualities of an alpha male, and how a man can take on some of those qualities in ways that will not compromise their values and goals.
The conversation ended up turning into a debate, which ended up beautifully spiralling on to other unexpected but highly informative topics.
As usual all the content on this show is strictly unfiltered and is shared with the aim to help men action better choices and generate better results.

A Needy Person Can Sap Your Resources And Your Love

If you’re lonely, it is easy to find yourself involved in a bad relationship. Do yourself a favor and don’t commit your time and money to someone who can’t give back.

Why Single Women May Get Hurt Easily

Worried about why you keep getting hurt? You may have thought the man you met was so into you but all of a sudden you find yourself broken from the relationship you hoped to last long enough than it did. This may be a good time to take a rain check!

One Tip for Imposing Your Rules

When meeting a girl, we usually think that we need to behave in a certain way to make it work with her. This prevents us from behaving naturally. Basically we try to understand what the girls’ expectations are first in order to behave in the most suitable way towards her expectations and needs.

One Tip for Igniting Emotion in a Girl

There is nothing more powerful than igniting positive emotion in girls. They are very sensitive. It is just human nature to be emotional.

One Tip for Seducing Her Girlfriends

Most of the time, we focus on seducing the girl whom we want to be with. It makes sense. We are going to speak to the girl straight away and try to seduce her, using different ways, without paying attention about the surroundings.

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