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Have you ever experienced one of those amazing interactions with someone you like, that just flowed, that connected and made impact? The kind of interaction that triggers all sorts of pleasurable explosions, and makes it seem as if time stood still?
Imagine if you could copy and paste that kind of interaction again and again. Think of how beneficial that level of certainty would be when it comes to your confidence in approaching women, or anyone for that matter!
In this episode, Les and I share the key components of a successful interaction, and discuss how men can convey a more high value and confident version of themselves in a way which remains congruent with their core values and authentic selves.
Les is a recent addition to my team of instructors and coaches, and what an addition he has proven to be! As a result of his detailed advice and easy to follow techniques, the students who attend our bootcamps and 7-Day Mastery Program often request double sessions with him.
As with all the episodes on ‘A Piece Of The Attraction’ the conversation deviated to a number of other topics, including ‘The dreaded friend-zone hierarchy’

You can work with Les and the rest of the team on our Bootcamps and 7-Day Mastery Program.

Dating Him Just For The Money

Is it wrong for a woman to date a man because he could provide her with ‘the good life?’ It really depends on one’s perception of what the ‘good life’ is. Lots of men refer to driven, independent, confident, and self-assured women as gold diggers. Simply because they are not in a position to give her what she desires. The woman is viewed negatively, her character may be questioned, and reputation sullied. Is this really fair?

The First Date Experience: Increasing the Odds of a Second One

Have you managed to line up a first date with a new girl and are getting ready for it? There is no guarantee that a second date will happen, but the process starts during the first one. So what can you do that will ensure that your first date with the girl you like won’t be the last?

Is It Safe to Date a Person Having Herpes?

Herpes is a chronic condition that is basically caused by a virus known as herpes simplex virus. The common name for this virus is herpes. Herpes generally affects the genitals of the infected person. There are a few common ways of spreading this virus, the most common being sexual intercourse. Although, it does not render intense complications, still it is better to have treatment on time

Top Three Reasons Why Men Become Insecure

We all have insecurities of some sort, but when it takes a toll on our relationships, it becomes burdensome. You may have finally met the man of your dreams but it seems you cannot put your fingers on.

Is Dating Someone From The Office Something That Should Be Avoided?

Office dating relationships are fraught with challenges and sometimes, outright problems. However, young professionals who spend more time at the office than they do at home or perfecting their hobby, may naturally seek their potential mate within their surrounding environment-the office. Some singles believe that the workplace is a natural place to meet new people. Here is an environment rich with individuals with similar backgrounds and interests, and often ages. It can be tempting because it doesn’t take too much work to begin socializing. Dating someone from the office used to be an entirely taboo subject. Today, however, many professionals are finding that it’s more and more acceptable. It is incredibly difficult to develop an office dating romance and continue to act professionally. It is for this reason that most workplaces will set boundaries and guidelines, some even having an official romance policy. These policies set out clear rules and boundaries that, if broken, can lead to dismissal.

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