The BIGGEST Mistake Guys Make with Girls

Today, I’m gonna show you guys what the BIGGEST mistake guys make with girls. Avoid this screw-up, and you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

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Why Dating Is Good for Teenagers

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Reliving Memories and Good Times

Memories are something that can’t be taken away. They are a person’s real assets, the ones of true value. In our youth we don’t really pay much credence to this and channel all our energies chasing frivolous material possessions.

Imagine this you’re walking home one day and you see this movie poster and it looks pretty cool so you decide to check it out with your friend you set the date and time when you get dressed up you go all the way to the movies you buy the ticket and you get the popcorn in the soda you find a good seat then it begins and the movies pretty good there’s a lot of action the main character is interesting he looks kind of mysterious you wonder what’s to happen you’re on the edge of your seat and suddenly your friend looks over and says by the way the main guy dies how does that make you feel frustrated perhaps like someone just robbed you of an awesome experience well that’s exactly what girls feel like when you spill your heart out to them and that’s the biggest mistake that guys make when they meet a girl don’t spoil the movie for her let her watch and enjoy herself when most guys go on a first date with a girl don’t wear their heart on a sleeve for her to see they’ll say things like I really like you I’m gonna take you out for Japanese food next week and then we’re gonna go to the movies again you just spoiled the movie for her by laying all your cards on the table of how you feel about her and what you’re gonna do for her you’re not building any anticipation at all it’s predictable and it’s boring you see all girls want to be in a love story don’t believe me well then explain how almost every year book sales in the romance and erotica genre sell way more than almost any other genre it’s because girls want to be a part of a love story love stories are mysterious there’s anticipation it builds sexual interest then releases it at the right moments it’s no wonder girls love romance novels so much because of the excitement they get from not knowing what’s going to happen in fact one of the most common things you see in a romance book is that the guy is mysterious at first she doesn’t know too much about him when they first mean other than the fact that they annoy each other but slowly over time as he opens up to her and she’s able to crack that mystery they end up falling for each other this is how you have to start thinking when you first meet a girl lay everything out for her on a silver platter girls want to feel like they’ve earned your love by slowly unraveling your personality over a period of time it’s like one of those mystery chocolate balls you buy where the inside is a surprise and since she doesn’t know what’s in side her curiosity will keep her engaged some when you first meet her don’t tell her every little thing about yourself it’s too much at once at the starting stage the more she knows the less she’ll care why would she you’ve just taken away the mystery for her she already knows that ending to this movie boring next instead let her know more about yourself slowly over time bit by bit make her feel like every time she needs you she learned something new about you this will keep her fascinated and intrigued by you and when you plan on an awesome fun date don’t tell her every little thing that you have planned for her but her experience in herself in the moment that way she’ll have way more fun and it’ll leave a way better impression of you on her when you spill your heart out to her she’ll think who just texted me oh it’s Brad yeah I mean it’s a nice guy but a bit boring I feel like I know exactly where he’s gonna take me and what he’s gonna talk about you know what I’ll just ignore him but when you add a bit of mystery and being spontaneous she’ll think oh look Matt just texted me he was so much fun our last date I still can’t believe he surprised me by taking me to see my favorite DJ I didn’t even know he was into house music comes to think of it there’s a lot about him I don’t know okay let me respond so remember never spoiled the movie for her let her experience it herself and she’ll enjoy it that much more thanks for everyone watching and for everyone who’s been subscribing I really appreciate the support this is kind of a new york-style I’m trying and if you like it and want to see more make sure to LIKE and subscribe…

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