The BEST Way To Flirt (The Power of Misinterpretation)

Today, I’m gonna let you guys in on one of the most useful ways to flirt with a girl: misinterpretation. Basically this is when you playfully misunderstand a girl to inject some strong emotions into the interaction. Specifically, 3 ways to misinterpret that I’m gonna talk about are: Exaggerate, Redirect, and Tease.

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You know welcome back to the channel a few months ago I posted a poll asking what kind of videos you guys wanted me to make and based on the response it seemed like you guys wanted more content on verbal stuff like things you can actually say so today’s episode is gonna be about one of my personal favorite ways to flirt with a girl and based on the title you probably already know what it is misinterpretation and breakdown what exactly I mean by it different types of misinterpretation and how you can use each one’s who instantly turn almost any conversation with a girl more flirty and sexual all right so let’s say you meet this guy Jake who’s pretty much a genius he got a perfect score on the SAT goes to MIT for engineering and is pretty much a walking textbook when it comes to science technology and computers but there’s one problem since he’s so damn logical all the time he has this bad habit of misinterpreting everything literally he has a hard time catching on to certain types of humor or when someone’s being sarcastic he only knows how to communicate in logical terms like for example if someone were to joke hey though she was a pretty big man what are you auditioning to be a circus clown he’d respond with some logical almost defensive statement like well actually these shoes are made from a polyester material if they actually were clown shoes they’d be made out of a plastic with a diameter of 12 inches I think now you’re starting to see why even though Jake is so smart he’s not the most socially popular guy nor does he do very well with the ladies he takes things too literal and serious the truth is this is how most guys act a little bit like they start getting nervous and resorts of being cruel and logical so they don’t slip up and say something stupid don’t be a robot like Jake you think girls want a date a guy that talks to her like Alexa no they want guys with fun authentic personalities so instead of replying to girls literally try using misinterpretation and basically what this is is let’s say a girl says something all you kind of do is playfully misunderstand whatever she’s saying turning it into a joke it’s a pretty basic flirting setting but I think it’s one of the most useful cuz it quickly shows a lot of attractive traits like wittiness and a sense of humor another reason why misinterpretation is so useful is because you can use it to segue out of a conversation you don’t like and kind of steer it into a direction you want once you understand how to use missions or you’ll be able to flirt with girls way better so I’m gonna give you guys three different ways to use misinterpretation as a way to flirt and in no particular order they’re gonna be the following exaggerated redirect and tease let’s start with the first type of mid interpretation exaggerate basically this is when you take whatever she says to the next level by exaggerating it for fun in a kind of goofy way here’s an example of this I remember last weekend I was talking to this girl about our plans for the week and she said something like I’m so jealous you get to travel to Seattle for work can I come I responded with wait a minute are you saying you want to move down to Seattle with me not anything too complicated but let’s take a look at what I did here so she was obviously joking around when she was asking him she could come with me to Seattle cuz there’s no she actually thought she’d be able to come now if I were like Jack and be all boring and logical I’d probably say something like sorry actually you can’t come with me to Seattle and again I probably come across as boring not fun and kind of just socially awkward what I said instead wait a minute are you saying you want to move down to Seattle with me was me taking what she said to the next level exaggerating it joking around with her by suggesting she wants to come live with me in Seattle this is way more effective in raising attraction because it shows that I’m not taking anything too seriously it shows that I’m just joking around having fun with her just like she is with me and the best part about exaggeration is that you can start talking about something that would normally be ridiculous to talk about like her moving with me to Seattle since you’re building onto her idea there’s a very low chance she’ll resist that idea or be weirded out by it because of this exaggeration is a super useful way to flirt and escalate into new situations without coming across as potentially creepy or weird the second example of misinterpretation is redirection with the first example we exaggerated what she said to the next level redirection is kind of similar except instead of exaggerating anything we take what she says and relate it to something else we want to talk about here’s an example let’s say a girl says to you your hands look dry you need to put on some lotion then you respond with are you saying you want to rub lotion onto my hands so as you can see I’m pretty much just taking something about the conversation in this loschen and then just redirecting the conversation in a fun way like her wanting to rub lotion onto my hands it’s kind of like what I said in my video about conversational threading you just want to take the thread cut it and redirect it somewhere else the main difference here is that wherever you’re bringing the conversation is still logically connected to what you guys were talking about whereas with the exaggeration you’re taking it somewhere almost ridiculous the reason I like redirection so much is because it’s a simple trick to bring the conversation pretty much wherever you want as long as it’s the slightest bit connected to the topic there’s a lot you can do with this if you’re good at thinking on your feet so the third and final misinterpretation trick I use is just teasing this is like the most simple out of the three in my opinion pretty much all you’re doing here is misinterpreting what she’s saying in a way to insist that whatever she’s saying can’t be true here’s a quick example of what I’m talking about let’s say she said something like I’m so glad I fixed my computer today you could respond with something like that’s awesome but who actually fixed it for you so again nothing too complicated you’re just joking around playing it off like there’s no way she could have done it be careful with your vocal inflections when you’re saying this because we want to make sure that she just knows you’re joking there’s a big difference between saying it like that’s awesome but who actually fixed it for you and that’s awesome but who actually fixed it for you the second one is obviously more playful and she knows that you’re just teasing her teasing is super useful because it’s so easy to use and overall it shows her a lot of attractive qualities about yourself like that you’re not taking anything too seriously and you’re confident enough super8 rapport with her girls love to be teased innocently like this so to summarize one of the best ways you can flirt is by misinterpreting what she’s saying to make things more fun and interesting and three good ways to use misinterpretation are exaggeration redirection and teasing thanks for watching the video and make sure to drop a like or comment if you learn something useful next week.

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