The 3 BEST TEXTS to send a girl you like

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If you’ve experienced your fair share of ‘dead end phone numbers’ then you’re going to LOVE what This video

Sam and I show you how to increase your chances of getting a girl’s number, and how to get her to respond positively to your text messages in a way that will accelerate her desire to meet you as soon as possible.

No more waiting around for her ‘dry text response’ that leads nowhere!
Start getting REAL RESULTS:

Duality in Relationships

What makes a good girl attracted to a bad boy? She was raised in a safe, protected household. Great parents, and had a wonderful social structure. What went wrong? How did she end up dating a guy that’s the OPPOSITE of everything she was groomed to be? She just didn’t seem like the ‘type’ of girl who would want to be with that ‘type’ of guy. Here’s where the ‘dual’ side begins to take shape.

How To Meet Beautiful Women, Without Fear Of Rejection

This article will help men looking, to overcome the all too common fear of rejection, do so in the presence of attractive women. Most guys let this fear stop them from ever even taking action. Well I’ve found the 4 most effective ways to approach women now.

10 Things a Guy Thinks In His Mind On Meeting a Girl

Guys may be quiet on the exterior on meeting a woman, but inside let me tell you there is an entire tsunami of thoughts. He within the first ten minutes of meeting you would have thought much more than you can ever imagine.

Dating After Divorce – Mistakes and Tips

Tips on dating after divorce, knowing if you’re ready, and how to start dating again after being with the same person for a long time. With a little help, it can prove much easier than you think.

Get Yourself That Girlfriend By First Building Confidence With Women

Are you single right now? For some guys this is by choice. For most guys however, it’s not. If you fall in the second category, I’m guessing you need to gain confidence with women. And don’t feel bad about this, you’re not alone. What’s bad is knowing this and NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Don’t know where to start? Well now see that’s where I come in…

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