Simp is a slang insult for men who are seen as too attentive and submissive to women, especially out of a failed hope of winning some entitled sexual attention or activity from them.

A closer look into a day in the life of a simp.

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Oh you asked that girl out on a date huh samp oh you said how do a girl you pass by today in the hallway what a simp you said happy Mother’s Day to your mom bruh why you simple if you spent any time on the Internet at all over the past few months there’s a good chance you’ve been called a simp for absolutely no reason honestly it’s pretty funny to see how that word has become such a part of internet lingo and gets thrown around so often these days that it’s kind of lost its meaning kind of like that okay boomer phrase that was hot a few months back today’s video isn’t one that I’d normally do but seeing as how I’m in the dating niche I’ve been getting a lot of guys running around in the comments throwing around the word simp and at first it was funny but then it eventually got a bit annoying especially when people would use the word in situations that literally made no sense so what is a simp Urban Dictionary defines it as a man that places himself in a subservient or submissive position under the hopes of winning them over without the female bringing anything to the table now this is completely valid unfortunately there are dudes that act like this maybe it might even be you truth is I remember kind of being like this to myself when I was younger I remember times when I had crushes on girls and thought that the only way to get her to like me was to be really nice to her I was needy clingy and I’d go out of my way to appease girls to try getting a girlfriend and if you do recognize any sentence ease in yourself it might not be your fault maybe you were raised by a super feminist household or you consumed a lot of media growing up teaching you that you need it to be her polite prince charming but it is something you need to recognize as a very unattractive trait that makes women respect you less so with all that being said it’s very important to note the difference between a simp and just a normal dude who’s taking initiative with a girl which by the way is what a man should be doing real quick by the way if you want my free 5 page PDF on the fundamentals of attraction check out the link in the description below you see a simp uses weakness most of his life goals whether getting in shape or making lots of money is all a means to an end and that end is finally getting a girl to like him back everything about his body language his eye contact the tone of his voice screams please can I kiss you will you please have sex with me please girls can literally sense his desperation from a mile away and it acts as a natural repellent to any decent girl the simp is completely overboard with the favors he does with girls girls who haven’t even done anything to deserve these favors and I’m not talking about a oh I’ll get you a cup of coffee on my way back from Starbucks kind of favor I mean the oh sure actually I’ll buy you this purse I’ll put it on my parents credit card they made me promise not to go overboard with the spending but you’re totally worth it actually kind of favor a simp has no sense of social awareness or self-awareness he can’t see himself from an outside perspective he can’t see how pathetic and weak he comes across cuz he’s so desperate for a girl a normal guy on the other hand still wants girls and he takes the initiative to go out and meet someone but his life doesn’t revolve around a girl he has his own goals he’s working towards things he prioritizes over the opposite sex a normal guy is not willing to let some girl at him compromise his self-respect he’ll reject a girl from time to time if he feels he has something more important to do unlike the simp who would never think to reject girls since all he wants is to finally hold a girl in his arms so now we’ve kind of differentiated what actual simps are versus normal guys who just try to better themselves through self education and self-improvement and I’m gonna run through three hypothetical scenarios and we’ll decide whether the guy in each situation is simple so scenario one let’s say Randi matches with a girl on bumble things are going well she’s actually responding showing some interest back in him their conversations are actually fun and flirty and he just has a good feeling about her one day between sending each other memes back and forth he finally asks her out he suggests they get food sometime and maybe shoot some pool afterwards so is Randi a simp in this situation simply cuz he made the effort to ask a girl out on a dating app the answer is no he is not because he’s not putting himself in a subservient position he’s just taking the initiative to try meeting up with her since he feels some chemistry if he were to try asking her out even though she kept ignoring him then yes he would be as simple my opinion but not in this situation scenario number two let’s say Franklin has gone out on one date with some girl he met through a friend the date is very friendly she doesn’t outwardly show much interest in Franklin or she still agrees on the date just to give him a chance throughout the date Franklin is constantly trying to escalate things with her physically like holding her hand touching her waist trying to go for a kiss and he gets rejected every single time when he waves her goodbye he says gee Alyssa I really love hanging out with you today you’re so cool and pretty I really hope I see you again soon after the date he sends her a paragraph through text detailing his love for her she replies with one or two sentences a few hours later to which he immediately replies with more paragraphs telling her how much fun he had how pretty she is and how he wants to see her again when he finally starts to realize she’s not that into him he starts panicking and starts buying flowers to send over to her to try winning her over this scenario was a lot more obvious but yes Franklin is acting like a total simp in the situation he bends over backwards trying to appease her and get her to reciprocate his affection even though she never does and instead of having the social awareness and realizing that she just ain’t that into him he doubles down and acts like a desperate clown situation number 3 let’s say derek is on a first date with the girl they end up getting taco is at his favorite Mexican spot then he offers to pay for her and spends like 10 bucks on her is Derek a simp in this situation well the answer actually depends on the context if Derek offers to pay and his date initially tries to refuse like no it’s okay I’ll pay for my half but he decided that you know what screw that I’m the guy I don’t mind dropping 10 bucks on a girl I like and she shows appreciation for it then he’s not being a simp because Derek didn’t compromise his self-image for her he did so out of generosity but not out of foolishness it’s much more 50/50 since she was willing to contribute as well instead of taking advantage of his generosity now let’s say Derek paid for her food and she just nonchalantly says oh cool really showing gratitude or appreciation for him then Derrick just keeps on continuing to pay for his date at every opportunity just throwing money at her to try to either impress her or get her to like him even though it’s clear as day to anyone else that she’s just not that into him in this situation derek is a simp because he’s not getting anything in return it’s a one-sided affair where the girl is suckering him into paying for her meals and stuff while not seriously considering him as someone she’d date or sleep with in this scenario Derrick is putting himself into the role of the subservient clown that hopefully thinks he’ll win over his girl by doing favors for her so hopefully now you have a better notion of what a simple how he thinks and the difference between simple and normal behaviors from a guy who’s just taking initiative with a girl moral of the story don’t be a sheep and learn how to think for yourself next time someone randomly calls you a simp don’t automatically take it to heart since it’s just one of those phrases that the internet turned into a buzz word but you do have to be wary of simple because it is a real thing and if you do repeatedly get people calling you a simp then it’s important to reflect on whether or not you’re letting yourself being taken advantage of because of how much you like someone that’s it for today’s video and hope you enjoyed it next week we’ll have some special plans.

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