Psychologically PROVEN Flirting Technique – 7 Ways to Flirt that Work with ANY Girl

Gentlemen, today, we’re showing you exactly how to flirt with a beautiful woman.

For a lot of guys, there’s a ton of confusion as to what works and what doesn’t when flirting with girls.

And that’s a problem, because flirting is one of the most important steps in taking things past the friend zone.

But don’t worry, if you know these few easy steps, and the one thing you NEVER want to do, you’ll be able to flirt with any girl you want without being creepy.

So…. to help you understand how to masterfully flirt, here are 7 steps to flirting that you need to know.

…And for a more in-depth + detailed guide, see the full post on our site here:


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Episode #23

Sex With Friends – What Can Go Wrong?

It always seems like the greatest idea at first. Two single friends want to have sex, but aren’t dating anyone. They’re not romantically linked in any way, and have a good platonic relationship.

Phones and Dating – How It Works

Are you one of those women who panics when she has to pick up the phone to call a guy? Do you find yourself getting nervous and wondering what the heck to say to him? Do you freak out and hang up when you get his voicemail?

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Are you the type of woman who can’t let her man out of her sight? Are you worried that your obsessive and prying nature is doing irreparable damage to your relationship? It’s more common than you think for an average, normal woman to destroy her relationship with this type of obsession, but there are things you can do to combat it.

Clinginess and How to Avoid It

There are a lot of different types of women in this world. Some are better at relationships than others. Certain women are confident in themselves and their independence, and can handle just about anything that gets thrown at them in a relationship.

Make Seduction Normal In Your Mind And It Will Happen Naturally

If you think you’re stealing from the cookie jar when you’re talking to girls, you’ll give off a vibe that you’re doing something wrong. But when you act like everything is normal, she’ll respond to you like it is.

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