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Episode #1

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – So What Are His Saying?

Every woman knows that men aren’t exactly the best at conveying their emotions or opinions in words. Some guys even go downright silent when it comes to trying to express themselves. This can be really frustrating for the opposite sex, especially when we’re trying to communicate with them in a romantic relationship.

Building Trust: Ask Hard Questions

When it comes to learning to trust a partner and helping them learn to trust you, it’s important to ask hard questions. However, it’s also important to ask them at appropriate times. While it may be difficult to bring yourself to talk about certain things and you may hesitate to bring up topics that might be “off limits” in normal conversation, asking and answering these questions will give you a foundation of truth upon which you can build your loving relationship.

The Cherry Filled Chocolate Model Of Seductive Curiosity

If you assume she’s perfect, you will get blown out. Being curious is much more effective.

The Secrets Of Inner Game For Incredible Attraction And Effortless Seduction

Get her desperate for your attention and affection. No manipulation required.

The Secret Of Girls Sex, And Much You Can Really Get

When you remove those internal fears, anything is possible. And I really do mean anything.

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