Lines That Get Women To Pick You Up

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There are certain qualities in a man (on his purpose, ambitious, bold, confident) that women find so attractive that it gets them to pursue you. So I’m going to give you some lines that you can use the next time you approach a girl to display all these qualities at the same time.

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How to Be Promiscuous – Without Ruining Your Chances of Having a Good Relationship

Many women enjoy bonding with the opposite sex, but for some reason find themselves confused and alone. This article gives you some of them.

Leaving a Good Impression on a Man

When it comes to the game of love, leaving a good impression on men is important if you want their interest. There are those who know how to impress someone and get their attention and there are others who just hope for love to happen. Here are some pointers when it comes to impressing a man that you can use to your love life’s advantage.

Emotional or Logical – Which Are You and Which Is Better?

When it comes down to being in a relationship, is it a better idea to follow your romantic instincts or think logically about every little situation? Are you the kind of woman that throws herself whole-heartedly into every situation simply based on what her gut is telling her? Or are you the kind of women who sits down and meticulously lays out the pros and cons of every single decision?

How to Tell Him You Love Him Without Scaring Him Off

So you’ve been seeing a man who you genuinely care for, maybe even love. You want to tell him over and over again. You want to shout it from the rooftops!

Battling Shyness Around Men

Do you have difficulty talking to men that you are interested in? Do you feel like every time an attractive man walks into the room, you shut down and shy away? Are you wondering if there’s anything you can do to force yourself out of your shell so that you don’t spend the rest of your life alone?

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