How to Text a Girl You Like -14 MUST KNOW Rules To Texting A Girl

Want to get the girl over text? These 14 must-know rules you easily send the exact texts that she wants to see (and avoid the ones that turn her off). This is exactly how to text a girl you like.

Guys, we’ve all been there:

Staring down at the phone screen, nervous and unsure what to say. And while texting a girl is less nerve-wracking than picking up the phone and calling a girl, it adds a whole new set of rules/etiquette to the dating ‘game’…

…And girls now (of course) have expectations for how you should text them.

And we all know:

It’s hard enough to meet their expectations when girls can see and hear you… much less with only characters on a screen.

So… how do you meet those expectations? How do you start a text conversation with a girl? How do you flirt with her over text? How do you make a girl like you over text? All these questions are really the same overwhelming mystery:

How to text a girl?

Simple… you learn what, exactly, girls look for in a text. In this video, we show you exactly what girls DO and DO NOT want when it comes to texting.

…And if you want more, we did a bigger, more in-depth post with 21 of the best tips to text a girl (including examples of exactly what you should text), on here:


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