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I Don’t Want to Go by Myself! The Formal ‘Plus Guest’ Invitation Problem

Is it acceptable to ask another member of a dating site to be your date for a work event where everyone on your table will be bringing a partner? Most people don’t want to go by themselves but is it a little bit cheeky to ask someone to accompany you or a very good idea?

Who Pays on the First Date?

Who pays on the first date is a question designed to make even the most confident of us uncertain about whether we are doing the right thing; there seems to be an age divide on what’s considered polite behaviour too. When you’re back out on the dating scene after many years it’s even more nerve wracking!

Do Men Prefer Long Or Short Hair On Women?

Do men prefer long or short hair on women? The answer is far from surprising, but it’s definitely good to know.

What Do Men Think Creates “Magic” In A Relationship?

The majority of men who are dating or married are looking for some pretty significant things to happen in a relationship. Some you may know… others may surprise you.

How To Make Him Love You Without Being Stopped By Other Jealous Women

Do you want to attract men? But are other jealous women trying to get what you have? I can show you how to stop them dead in their tracks! Attract a man emotionally the easy way with this simple trick.

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