How to Talk to Girls (and Get Her to Like You) – Say THIS and She WILL Chase You HARD!

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Imagine this: You know how to talk to girls like a BOSS. You have the alpha male conversation tips that will make girls chase you hard AND that are a huge turn on for women. These things to say to a girl will mean you’ll never run out of things to say and will be able to make small talk effortlessly.

So… want to know how to keep a conversation going? Don’t want to be a beta male? Want to get any girl to like you with conversation? Watch the vid.

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Episode #77

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Most men think that when it comes to bettering their chances with women, their own behaviour is something that they have little control over, they react how they react and it will ALWAYS be that way, so things will NEVER be better unless they get LUCKY! Walking around with this attitude hanging over their heads, they are destroying any possibility of success with women AND stopping themselves from trying to change their ‘LUCK’ with women.

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