Now you know what not to do when you’re talking to a girl on a date…here’s everything else I can teach you about attracting women:

So yeah…turns out I read my comments. And i happened to come across one that made me realise that I need to bring up a few home truths about talking to women.

In that process we’ll address 3 of the most common unconscious beginner mistakes guys make when they’re talking to women on a date, online or on the phone and of course, how to fix these mistakes as easily as possible.

Once men overcome these common misconceptions they have a much easier time talking to women and can get started on the more advanced conversation techniques and deepen their understanding of conversation attraction, seduction and flirting.

It will take some time and conscious awareness to address these mistakes as they’re usually unconscious at first but when you do you’ll usually quickly improve your game with women.

Now you know what not to do when you’re talking to a girl on a date…here’s everything else I can teach you about attracting women:

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