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How to overcome shyness and social anxiety
How to stop being shy


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How To Overcome Shyness And Speaking To Shy Girls

For this episode, we take a panoramic view on shyness. Whether you’re a man who struggles with approach and social anxieties and as a result find that you’re unable to deliver the best version of yourself when in interactions with women (or anyone for that matter!) Or if you’re someone who has no problem with shyness at all, but finds it incredibly challenging to talk to shy girls, this episode will show you how to overcome both unwanted predicaments.
The guests for this show, are two of my top female instructors, Hadassa and Emma. Both have many years of experience in helping men on my bootcamps and 7-Day Mastery Program to overcome their shyness and social anxiety, as well as showing them how to engage with a non-responsive shy girl.

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