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Most men believe that attracting women whilst on holiday will be super easy. But the reality is, most men will struggle with language barriers, will pick low-opportunity locations, will rely on alcohol way too much, will be stuck in a ‘tourist’ state of mind and will generally be totally unprepared and as a consequnce, they will fail to capitalise on the incredible opportunities to get real results with women that vacations have to offer.
Joining us for this episode is Jozzy (The crowned prince of debauchery) He’s been part of my team since 2014, and in between coaching our students on the bootcamps and 7-Day Mastery program he travels to locations all over the world that have a higher than average percentage of beautiful women, such as Odessa, Stockholm, Miami, Rio De Janeiro and Puerta Vallarta.
Jozzy is all about RAPID SEXUAL ESCALATION. His bold ‘zero f*cks’ mindset generates bold actions, and our students can’t get enough of him, often requesting back to back sessions with him whilst on the 7-Day Mastery Program.
In this episode Jozzy shares his top tips on how guys can maximise their results whilst on vacation.

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