How To GET DATES on TINDER – 3 Easy Steps

Today we’re gonna talk about how to get dates on Tinder. Note this also works for other apps like Bumble and Hinge!

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Gentlemen’s game back so with all this social distancing happening the only way you’re probably gonna be able to meet someone right now is through online dating now under normal circumstances I’ve always preferred meeting girls in person as opposed to online dating not saying that it won’t work but I’ve personally found there’s so much more factors you can control when you meet a girl in real life to build attraction as opposed to letting an online profile determine whether or not you’re given a chance to say hi but you have to adapt to the times and given that everyone is still on lockdown online dating is more relevant than ever so in this video I’m gonna give you guys some advice on how to optimize your online dating profile and then a few tips on messaging her so you can start getting some dates lined up once Quarantine ends keep in mind these tips apply to any dating app whether it’s tender bumble coffee meets bagel or hinge so first thing your profile it’s a brutal reality that online dating can be very superficial a girl doesn’t really have anything to gauge you on besides your pictures before deciding whether it’s a swipe right or left so making sure you have good pictures is absolutely essential if you want to get matches on these apps and I know I’m gonna get a lot of people who jump on the comment saying exactly it’s all about looks I’m ugly I won’t get any matches yada yada yada look I’m not gonna pretend that looks isn’t a big factor but I’d also ask myself if I’ve put in an honest effort to look more attractive through things that can change like my fashion and fitness you want to take your profile pictures with a nice camera a DSLR or something of that caliber a regular phone quality picture ain’t the best unless you’re just naturally super handsome or good-looking if you don’t have a DSLR or something like that maybe ask a photographer friends to help you out I suggest your first picture to be a front angle headshot of basically your shoulders and above it’s gonna seem suspicious if you have 4 to 5 pictures but none of them is a clear shot of your face it’s kind of like how when you open a girl’s profile and you notice all of her pictures are just face shots from a certain angle and not including her body it’s gonna seem a bit suspicious right no one wants to get catfished so be upfront so again I suggest using a high quality camera get a good haircut and practice your smile if you feel like you have bad teeth or something you can grin instead of smiling with your teeth out and if you truly feel like you have an ugly face you can opt for a more zoomed out picture where she can still make out your face but the main focus of the picture will be either on a cool outfit or an awesome epic background which shows her that you’re fun I’d also spend some time editing the photos and playing around with things like color saturation and contrast to make your photo look higher-quality now for your second picture I suggest either one of two things if you’re in good shape definitely don’t be afraid to show it off a bit as long as it’s not too douchey you can wear a nice form-fitting white t-shirt but having a good body definitely adds a few points so don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage here’s a few examples if you don’t have a good physique what I suggest instead is the fun slash adventurous picture you want to show some of your personality by doing something fun and unique that girls would likely find cool hello guys sorry holding a picture of a giant fish that you caught doesn’t count it could be some cool travel picture or a fun activity you like this is pretty much gonna be your personality picture again use a high-quality image if you have a good body you can use the personality picture as your third picture oh another quick tip having a dog or a puppy in your picture is an absolute hack when it comes to getting matches seriously get any dog hold it up to you and take a selfie or have someone take a picture of you playing or cuddling with your dog girls go crazy for that kind of stuff well everyone kind of does if you don’t have a dog for your third picture I suggest taking one with a small group of your homies or in some type of social situation long as everyone is dressed cool this is gonna be kind of your social proof picture so let her know your social you’re a cool guy that has friends and here’s a few examples I think these three or four templates is a good place to start if you have no idea how to take good pictures remember it’s all about accentuating your best sides now onto the bio I don’t think you should overthink this so I personally keep mine short and sweet there’s no need to write a biography here or rants about your favorite sports team or make a long list of your favorite rappers I don’t want to give you like templates or categories BIOS cuz I think there’s a lot of creative things you can do with it you really need to say just enough to pique her interest which in combination with your fire pictures should compel her to swipe right if you have some interesting hobby or passion here would be a good place to put it or you can go with something more witty and humorous truth is you can get away with a lot more cocky and funny over-the-top attitude on tinder so don’t be afraid to go bold what you don’t want to be is boring here’s a few examples of witty funny BIOS that are short and sweet I like them because they’re fun and low pressure now let’s say you’ve applied all these tips and you’re finally starting to get some matches what do you text well I always suggest taking the initiative and making the first move cuz 99% of girls will not do that unless it’s an app like bumble where they have to text you first I always think starting off with some witty humor is a good idea again it sets the vibe as fun and makes it a lot more likely she’ll respond I also suggest referencing something from either one of her pictures or her bio herself most people but especially girls tend to be kind of narcissistic they love talking about themselves in terms of actually holding the conversation dirty sex I suggest to cold-read her meaning to assume things about her in a playful way instead of just asking direct questions so for example instead of asking hey what kind of music do you like just assume hey you definitely look like you’re into R&B I don’t know why but I totally get the feeling you secretly sing to yourself in the shower or something like that it’s less boring and she’ll be impressed that you accurately guessed that she’s into R&B or she’ll be curious as to why you thought that in terms of response time I think this is a good principle to bear in mind for text game in general but you want to make yourself available but not too available I personally will respond like an hour or so after she texts back if she takes longer than an hour to respond back then I’ll do the same but not in some petty oh she took three hours to reply so and now I have to take four hours to reply to show her I’m dominant way but more like me realizing I have a lot of things I can spend my time on and other girls I have as options that I’m not so invested in any particular girl unless she’s showing strong interest back lastly once the conversation is going well enough as a new feel like there’s been enough rapport established then that’s when you want to take the convo off tinder to Instagram or whatsapp or something like that it solidifies you more as a real person in her head as opposed to just someone on tinder you don’t want to keep the entire conversation on tinder until you get her out on a date cuz it tends to make her more cautious and have a higher guard up during the date she’ll be looking at it like she’s on a date with a stranger from tinder instead of a normal person that she just happened to meet online so that’s it for today guys I think that should be a good beginners tip for upping your online dating profile as well as some things to keep in mind when you’re texting your matches if you like this video do me a favor and comment with some other questions you have about online dating again it’s not my favorite way to meet girls but hey logged on as a thing and there’s a saying that those who can adapt fail.

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