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Are women only attracted to wealthy and/or successful me?
Because this is not a questions that can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ I will answer this question in stages.
Firstly, success in a man is usually considered to be an attractive quality. Success is indicative of self belief, self empowerment and it is associated with someone possessing strength in character, these are the root reason for why success can be a powerful attraction trigger. However, a man can convey these exact same attractive attributes without having a successful career. A man can display confidence, self belief, strength of character and high value without having accolade or prestige.
The ability to attract women without relying on achievements, status and bank statements is essentially what I believe men should be focusing on improving.
It’s a little like a beautiful woman who relies solely on her looks until they eventually fade as opposed to a less physically blessed women who has had to work on her personality throughout her life The latter will be able to attract more men because she has the skills to attract without relying on her diminishing beauty.
A successful or wealthy man can often lazily rely on his prestige and achievements to generate him results, which begs the question; What if he lost that success? What would he have left to rely on? How would he cope going back to ground zero?
A few years ago, an out of work actor enrolled onto my Mastery Program. He turned out to be an actor who used to play a leading role in a hugely popular soap drama in the UK. He hadn’t been on TV for at least a decade, and as a result he had found himself falling into deep slump of depression. He told me how easy it was to attract women when he was on TV, all he had to do was walk into a bar or club and women would throw themselves at him. But as time went on, and his fame withered, so did his success rate with women. He had relied on the accolade and neglected the core skills to attract women.
When the external trappings have disappeared you essentially only have your character, conversation banter, presence, inner confidence and game to fall back on.
So why not focus on both?
Why not take care of your career, your social life and health without neglecting the other key area of your life? Your dating, sex and love life needs just as much attention and investment.
Millions of men are frustrated, and who can blame them? For years society has told them that so long as they got a good job, worked hard and became a financially comfortable, then success with women would follow, only to find out that having these kind of assets have made hardly any difference to their success rate with women.

Around 80% of the men who attend my 7-Day Mastery Program are considered ‘successful’ where their careers are concerned, and yet, they still struggled to attract women. Tyler, who is 34, and hugely successful had finally realised that nothing was really working for him. In the induction on day one of his program with us, I asked him how much time and effort in the last 10 years he had put into his work, his social life and going to the gym It turned out that almost 90% of his time was dedicated to making his career go from strength to strength, and the other 10% was spent on looking good (gym) and keeping up to date with his friends. No wonder he was struggling to attract the kind of women he wanted to be with. For too many years, he had blindly followed the popular but ultimately misleading mantra : “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women”
Check out his personal story in this incredible video testimonial he insisted on sharing!


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