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I have to share this with you!

I wish I had done a ‘before interview’ with Owen, because before the 7-Day Mastery Program, he was in (what can only be descried as) an ‘awful stage’ in his life.
He was getting ZERO results with women, his social life was nearly non-existent and his career was going from bad to worse.
How exactly did a 35 year old man get to this miserable point in his life?
Years of..
1. Excuses
2. Seeking bad advice from well meaning friends and family members
3. Indulging in quick fix solutions (Alcohol, holidays, materialism)
4. Convincing himself to remain in his comfort zone.
In April 2016, he finally hit breaking point, and instead of allowing himself to sink further into depression, he made the decision to change his life for the better.
He booked himself a place on the 7-Day Mastery Program and in his words: ‘NEVER LOOKED BACK SINCE’
We were thrilled when he contacted us one year later to share his life changing experience during and after the 7-Day Mastery Program with other people out there. Other people who might be in a similar situation as he was, other people who might be tangled up in a web of excuses that paralyse them from taking action.
Owen’s success rate with women was not the only thing that got better.
Since completing the program, his career has gone from strength to strength, his social life has improved immensely, and his confidence and outlook on life has changed on an incredible scale.
No longer is he spending his nights alone in misery, watching Netflix and scrolling through social media updates. No longer does he have a problem with attracting women and healthy relationships into his life, and most importantly, he no longer leads an existence of depression and pessimism and the fear of ‘what if?’
I am so proud of Owen, and how far he has come since the first time I met him is an inspiration.
I’m also proud of my incredible team of instructors and coaches, who gave him the advice, feedback, guidance, tools, skills and insights that helped him to fulfil his goals, and helped him to become the man he is today.
Check out his inspiring story in this video with me and Sam, who was his own personal favourite instructor:


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