How to Get a Girlfriend on a Dating Site During Covid! (Best Dating Sites 2020!)

How to get a girlfriend on a dating site during covid isn’t much different than any other time. Dating during covid has benefits and if you’re looking for dating apps for serious relationships, this video covers online dating tips for beginners and the best dating sites and apps.

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Hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about how to get a girlfriend online during covid we’re going to talk about best practices for photos your write-up first communication and first date so if you’re new to my channel my name is anna jorgensen welcome to just the tip tuesday [Music] one of the good things about dating during covet if you’re actually looking for a relationship not just a hookup is you get to actually slow down the dating process or the courting process and get to know each other a little bit before you become more invested in the physical which means that you have a better chance of creating something real and lasting so for most guys they don’t really realize that women’s experience with online dating or dating apps is a lot different than it is for men first of all men are biologically neurologically a lot more influenced by visual appearance than women are now it may sound counter-intuitive to what you’ve experienced but if you want to read a book on the male brain then i would recommend a book called the male brain and i’ll put a link below for that if you’re interested but just understand that men are actually more influenced by visual appearance physical appearance of a woman than women are of men of course we do notice men’s looks and where they where they fall on the scale of attractiveness as far as just looks go but that is just a first impression and there are other factors that are actually more important than looks for women if they are looking for a long-term relationship or just something more serious than a one-night hookup okay so why am i qualified to tell you what to do on a dating site okay so first of all yeah i’m a woman that’s one thing and i understand dating sites from a woman’s perspective because way back in the day when i was single i tried out a lot of different dating sites i was on match i was on okcupid i was on plenty of fish fitness singles christian mingle i think i was on i was on another one that is no longer even active so i think there was like nine or ten different dating sites that i’ve tried and i also started going on real fake dates i did a 50 first dates project about five years ago where because of what my experience was online with guys i thought well you know they could use some help with their profile and then when i actually went on some dates i realized that they could also use some help with their dating skills so i offered dates to guys for just i wanted to get more information and i wanted to be able to provide something for them which was feedback so initially i was doing it for free and then i moved into charging dollars for it but it became too much and i stopped but i did gain a lot of valuable intel uh during that time that you can benefit from and there were some commonalities that kind of stuck out from many of the dates so i’ll go through that in a little bit and that’s where actually i came up with my program double your online dating it’s only 10 bucks by the way subject to change so let’s get back to what women experience on online and and in the world in general so women get approached a lot more than men do however things are changing and in fact the statistics for dating sites show that for relationships that tend to work out that people end up together i don’t know if it’s forever but for whatever period of time it’s actually the woman who initiates contact with the guy in 40 of those relationships so if there’s any women watching this then be sure to reach out to the guys that you might find attractive okay let’s move into photos one of the main things with photos is it’s a little bit counter-intuitive so in my w online dating program i put in there that you’re gonna need to have a photo of you smiling which really you want a photo of you looking happy or joyful in some aspect of your life because someone who is negative or looks depressed is just not attractive to women so here’s the part that’s counterintuitive you also want to have a photo of you looking serious or mysterious and it actually shows that or studies show that women are more attracted to men or more turned on by men who are stoic or uh brooding which is kind of like almost cranky but you don’t want to look cranky so you want to make sure that you have a photo where you’re looking like you’re enjoying yourself you’re happy maybe even laughing laughing is great especially if it’s genuine and you want to have a photo of you looking serious and or mysterious because one the happy photo tells a woman that you’re going to be pleasant and fun to be with and the serious photo will show her the sexy side of you which is the part that gets her turned on so if you’re just looking for a hookup then you’re going to want to put in more photos of you being serious and mysterious than of photos of you being happy happy joy and if you’re looking for a relationship or hoping for a relationship then you want to reverse that you want to put in more photos of you being neutral or happy but do put in a photo of you looking mysterious and sexy so that’s the main thing with photos your photos are a visual representation of your personality and lifestyle and again like i said in my w online dating program there’s a whole bunch of other tips on photos so if you want more information on that then definitely invest in that program like i said it’s only 10 bucks so you know that’s a cup of coffee an expensive one but still you can afford it okay then let’s go into write up or your bio so your bio is again it’s sort of a description of who you are now the fewer words you put in the more that translates into being either lazy or shallow or only interested in a hookup because obviously if you’re not putting anything about your personality or your lifestyle in there then she’s going to assume that that’s not important and the only thing that really is important is the visual aspect of the site or app so if you want a relationship if you want a you know or with a potential for a relationship then i suggest that you put words in and they should tell a story so in writing or in script writing i took a class on script writing and they kept emphasizing show don’t tell so our words must show the story not just tell the story so you don’t want a list of traits you want a story and remember women are emotional creatures so our and actually everybody as you know when you hear a story the more senses that are involved in the storytelling in terms of sight sound descriptors hearing taste whatever it is the more involved and engrossed and engaged you become in the story so instead of saying for example i like hiking you i mean or just you know interests are hiking outdoors put something about why you like that so what it makes you feel uh whatever like i’ve used this one before because it’s something that appeals to me hiking i feel closer to god when i’m in the mountains or if that’s your thing or whatever it is where a person can maybe become engrossed in the story and or relate to the story more so than just you know i’m interested in hiking and coffee and theater and sports or whatever you know put something with more depth in to your story whether it’s long or short it doesn’t matter and depending on what site or app you’re on will determine if how many words you actually get to do that one other thing about your write up is if you are certain that you absolutely only want a relationship or absolutely only want a hookup it’s okay to put that in there and again i’ve stated in another video that if you’re going to disclose that you want to be in a relationship then don’t put that you know you’re looking for the first girl that shows up you would put something a bit more subtle like i’m ready for a relationship now it’s just a matter of finding the right gal i wonder if it’s you or whatever like not for a specific person but in your profile those are for guys who are maybe on like match or plenty fish or dating sites that offer a lot more word like uh where you can write in more words and sometimes they will offer you what you’re looking for just taking off the boxes like and you can put as much as you want in there so anyways it’s okay to state that just don’t make it seem like you’re anxious for the first person to who shows up okay so that’s with write up again wrongline dating goes into a lot more detail and a lot more tips on that third is your first communication so this is where a lot of guys drop the ball because it’s tricky your first communication is tricky it’s your first impression if she hasn’t reached out to you and you’re reaching out to her she will potentially take the time to look at your profile and she will do that based on what you say in your first contact with her if there’s a way for you to contact her sometimes just swipe right swipe left but if there’s actually a message feature of the dating site and you’re sending her a message then two points here one you never want to send the message hey or what’s up or how are you so boring that will not make you stand out women get a lot of that and it just really shows again laziness or lack of creativity or lack of enthusiasm or lack of interest in her actual profile so instead what you want to do is actually look at her profile and if there’s words great read the words because you’re going to take from that or if there aren’t words and there’s just photos then you’re still going to look at her photos and if there’s a photo that tells more of a story about who she is as a person not just what she looks like visually then you’re going to extrapolate from that and add that to your first message so here’s the components of what you’re going to put in your first message one something that is relevant to her profile or profile photos that is non-sexual but potentially a compliment i’ll give you an example the next thing is that you’re going to want to make sure that your first message is relatively short so you’re not going to drone on and on because she gets lots of messages especially if she’s attractive and she’s not going to want to read through them all so not too short but just enough next tip on your first contact you want to make her giggle chuckle or at least smile which means that you might put something in there that’s a little bit funny but it doesn’t have to be too funny unless that’s your style if you want to go super funny then go super funny but add a little bit of something that lightens the message because women are instinctively on guard whenever a guy approaches them whether it’s in real life or in online and four you want to include an open-ended question that will compel her to respond closed-ended question example do you like hiking close-ended statement i see you like hiking now here’s the example i will give you for an opener that includes all of the aforementioned tips just hey ashley great hiking pick one of my bucket list goals the inca trail dot dot dot if we’re ever allowed to travel again wink what about you if you could travel anywhere in the world and money was no object where would you go and why now that seems a bit cookie cutter you can word it a little bit differently depending on your personality or choose something different but that’s just an example of something that is more interesting than hey what’s up or i like hiking too which is you know yeah okay that’s information but it doesn’t tell the story so that is write up bio again wrongly dating has a lot more tips on that okay let’s go into the best first date during covid okay this will be a bit of a surprise because in other videos i’ve said that it’s not the best data idea but these are different times and as you probably know from my other videos women’s primary need is to feel safe some women are scared about covid so it’s why i’m going to recommend the coffee date normally i don’t recommend a coffee date unless it’s considered a pre-date or uh not even a date get to know you kind of see if you actually want to go on a real date and there are reasons why i recommend the real dinner date that is actually in my program as well but you’ll want to take that with a grain of salt until you both feel comfortable enough with each other to be able to get to that stage assuming that wherever you are allows in-person dinner dates and if not then you can always do it online and there’s ways of doing that so that’s why the coffee date so coffee and a walk or if you’re young like if you’re maybe under 25 or a teenager then you can suggest maybe coffee and a drive or skip the coffee and just go for a drive but meet somewhere first so she feels safe women need to feel safe with men because automatically you guys are bigger stronger even if you’re the same size because you were you know brewing and marinating in the womb with testosterone your muscle is denser than ours and you have more aggression hormones so the reality is that women automatically don’t feel safe with men even if they feel safe with you and what happens is that it makes us feel more feminine when you’re masculine when we do feel a little bit unsafe but the reason for that is because once we trust you we then trust that you’ll be able to protect us from other potentially unsafe men so that’s what that is all about but when you’re first meeting up with a woman in real life she knows nothing about you she doesn’t know if you’re a serial a shreddies killer and so you want to make sure that she’s going to feel safe with you so meet somewhere you know publicly and then if she feels comfortable with you from there you can go for a drive sometimes i find that with younger guys like going for a walk or sitting in a coffee shop having to be you know face to face can feel a little awkward and it’s kind of fun to be able to have something that distracts you you know driving around or listening to music or whatever but obviously if you’re not in that stage and you’re older like over 30 or above then going for a walk and having a coffee or sitting in a coffee shop is appropriate and not as awkward i mean obviously all first dates can feel awkward but i suggest you go on more of them so that you can get comfortable because practice makes better okay now the best dating site for you or dating app generally speaking depending on what your intended relationship goals are will determine what sites you go on and i do say sites generally i recommend going on two or three different sites but i’ll tell you how to not overlap in just a moment first of all which sites are best for you if you’re looking for a relationship then the sites that extract or require the most information from you to be able to sign up or have more access and or if they charge money then you’re going to find that there’ll be more people who are serious about finding an actual partner on those sites there’s gonna be flakes everywhere but you’ll just have a better chance of someone who’s actually looking for potentially a long-term relationship than a site or an app like tinder that really only requires photos and if you want to put it right up you can if you don’t want to you don’t have to so if you’re above like 25 30 then tinder is probably not going to be the place where you’re going to find a relationship it’s more of a hookup site but if you’re younger then what generally happens on tinder is that there’s no intention people are just like hey let’s just get together they don’t actually have any relationship goals they just want to find someone they feel comfortable with and if it’s you know short-term great and if it turns into something longer great too but there’s less long-term intention with younger people on tinder or the apps that don’t require a lot of information okay now how to not overlap if you want to get the best bang for your buck then you want to go with sites that potentially won’t have the same clientele on all of them so for example okay cupid and match they may have a lot of the same people and if you’re on both of those then you know that you’re on both of those but you may want to go with for example let’s say either okay cupid or match for example and fitness singles people who are you know more into fitness or one of those and our time which is more for people who are over 50 so you don’t want to go on a bunch of different sites that are going to have the same stock the same stock of people looking on them so try to vary it up a little bit and if you’re kind of in the under 35 under 30 range then you might go on you know okay cupid and tinder or if you’re christian you might go on you know match and e-harmony and then of course people are asked like how much time should i spend on a dating site well the easy answer for that is how much time would you have available to spend with a special someone in your life you have to be able to make time for someone now you don’t want to make this a full-time job so whatever time that you have for making space in your life for a person i would cut that in half don’t do more than half your time on dating sites and do the other half of your time out in the real world having a life not necessarily looking for love but having a life and again as i mentioned in my double your online dating you get more tips on first communication i give you a bunch of other date ideas and also uh follow-up after the first date and your initial communications so get that and let me know what dating sites you’ve tried and what your experience was with them write a comment below thank you so much for your donations they’ve really helped and please do watch this next video one of those two because you want to thank you for watching the ads they help me out i appreciate that.

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