How To Get A Girl To Think About You (Why “Playing Hard To Get” Is Not Enough To Attract A Girl)

Here’s how to attract and seduce women in any conversation, text, phone call or in person:

It’s true…if you want a girl to get attracted to you you need to get her to think about you when you’re not around. Not ALL the time…but more than the average guy she’s got only limited interest in.

Now a lot of people want you to be “mysterious” and purposefully interrupt conversations to pretend you’re busy to “seem like you’re an important guy” etc etc…

But the longer I’ve lived and taught guys how to get girls I noticed that most guys get so over analytical with their dating that they completely lose their personality, flow and lost sight of what’s really important.

See…if you think you can attract women purely by making yourself unpredictable without actually offering something of value being in her life in the first place then you’re going to simply end up with a lot of women disappearing.

You can’t just attract women by NOT interacting. Women get attracted to you based on how you make them feel when you’re WITH them. And then they fantasize about you when you’re NOT with them.

What guys forget is that without making a woman feel great in your presence because you know how to create attraction and flirt like a boss…all your efforts to seem mysterious by pretending to be busy are just welcome absence for all but the most needy girls..because there’s no attraction in the first place. the video to learn how to get her to think about you…by being the guy she misses more than anyone else.

Here’s how to attract and seduce women in any conversation, text, phone call or in person:

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