How To Deal With Mixed Signals From Women | What To Do When You Get “Mixed Messages” From A Girl!

Now that you know how to deal with Mixed Signals From Women Here’s how to flirt with women in conversation so they want to see you no matter what:

Mixed signals or mixed messages are one of the most frustrating things for guys who are interested in a specific girl they want to date.

And it doesn’t get better if you get angry or frustrated or simply pretend it’s not happening. Worse still is if you play along and become the all accommodating flexible guy that makes it work for her but not for yourself.

So how do you handle mixed signals from women?

How do you deal with that situation in a way that makes you feel good about yourself, at the same time helps her to realise that you’re a guy that she can’t play games with and in the process attract her to you?

That’s what this video is about.

Want to learn how to flirt with women and attract them when you talk to them via text, phone or in person so they never even think about giving you mixed signals?

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Please watch: “What To Do When She Doesn’t Text Back | Send Her THIS Text To Get Her To Respond To You!”

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