How to Connect With A Woman

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Celebrate the Drama and Baggage!

This addresses the request for a potential mate who is without drama or baggage. Why in the world anyone would want that!

Confidence Really Is Key – How The “Worst Advice” I Ever Heard Was Really The Best

As much as it sounds way too easy to be true, confidence really is key for a man to get a girl to like him. You don’t need to be rich, famous or especially handsome, you just need to believe in yourself and she will too.

He’s Separated, Now What? 5 Reasons You Should Avoid Dating A Man Who’s Not Divorced

However, what if the man you just met seems to be your perfect soul mate but… there is a problem. He is separated and not yet divorced? Now what? Should you pursue the relationship and take the risk for the sake of what could be love, or should you walk away? The choice is, of course, entirely yours, but chances are that the relationship will be greatly challenging and unlikely to work for a number of reasons:

Dating in Retirement

Our need to emotionally bond does not change with aging as some have suggested. We will evaluate for different character traits when dating in retirement. But, the course of romance remains the same. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

How Do You Keep Your New Guy Interested?

When you first start dating a new guy, you are discovering all sorts of things about each other which make it an exciting time. But what happens after that initial getting to know each other stage is over, how do you keep your new guy interested?

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