How To Be INSTANTLY More ATTRACTIVE To Women – Scientifically Speaking!

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If there was a scientifically proven way to be more attractive to any woman without learning new “pick up skills” or conversation skills, without changing your face or your voice or your style or anything that makes you…YOU…would you like to know what it is? Yes? Then keep watching, because that’s exactly what I am going to tell you, and I am 99% percent sure it won’t be what you think right now!

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So…lets go! How do you become more attractive to basically any women that sees you without any extra effort on your part?

I knew this already from 10 years of experience using this to my advantage, but it’s always more compelling when some scientists made an study about it, right?

So here’s the study:

They were testing whether other women’s opinions would influence how women would rate men’s attractiveness. It’s a process dubbed “mate choice copying”.

The study showed that when women discover that other women found the picture of a guy attractive they tended to adjust their own attractiveness rating of the guy’s picture in a positive way.

In other words: If a woman can see that other women like you, she’s more likely to like you too.

They call this “mate choice copying” because it’s specifically other WOMEN who’s judgement is important to women. But it also has a lot to do with social proof, which is a proven factor in all people’s everyday decisions.

After all, picture this, you’re in a place you’ve never been and you’re hungry…which restaurant do you try out: The one with completely empty tables or the one that’s bustling and has just one table left? Exactly.

So how do you use this evolutionary principle to your advantage? That’s right. let women see that other women like you. That means, having women around you. Which means, if you’re single, having female friends that you go out with.

When a girl sees a guy come into a bar with a couple of women it automatically makes him seem more attractive to her on average. Instant social proof from other women. Sure, she might assume your friend is your girlfriend…but that doesn’t work against you, but for you.

If you’re a guy that’s by himself or with a group of just guys, women can often be more resistant when you start talking to them because their guard is up. When you have a girl or two in your group other women’s guard isn’t up as much if they’ve observed your female friends smiling at you, laughing with you etc.

Then when you talk to a girl for a bit, she might well get curious about your relationship with the girls you’re with and you have a good idea that she’s interested in you already.

So your female friends become “passive social proof wing girls”. Just make sure you give them a good time because how they act around you influences how attractive other women will find you! This one change will make women react more positively to you when you approach them.

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