HOW TO ATTRACT SEXY WOMEN, train with Kezia on her LAS VEGAS bootcamp

The Johnny Apple Seed Seduction Model

Ideas are like seeds. Once you plant them, they start to grow.

You Can Turn Around Your Relationship and Make It Better

Breakups stink, especially when you are the one on the receiving end of a breakup. Here’s how you can turn it around!

Building Relationship Value Instead of Digging for Gold

A perspective on dating based upon one man’s experience. This article offers a new way to look at dating.

Getting A Man To Change For You

Are you a woman who wants to change her man, so he can treat you the way you deserve? In this article, you’ll discover why strong, successful women fail with men and how to fix that.

Get Her Following Your Imagination

The imagination is a powerful tool of seduction. Here’s how.

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