How To Amplify Confidence PART 1 ‘A Piece Of The Attraction’ podcast with Kezia Noble


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How To Amplify Confidence

What we say is obviously important, but how way say it is equally if not more important.
How we communicate is multidimensional. Our eye contact, vibe, energy, facial expressions and body language are incredibly important when interacting with someone we desire, or anyone for that matter, but unfortunately in this current era where we are becoming increasingly more reliant on texting by means of communicating with one another, we are neglecting our non-verbal communication skills that have the potential to be far more powerful.
On this episode, I invited one of my incredible instructors on the team, to share his insights, advice and techniques on non-verbal communication. Seb has been helping men get better results with women since 2009, but before that, he was by his own admission, absolutely terrible with girls! He was nervous, shy and awkward. In 2006 he entered the pick up artist community as a student. He rejected the canned opening lines and gambits that the pick up artists of that era were sharing, although thy served a purpose they ultimately left him feeling cold, and so he decided to implement more organic and honest techniques that were more aligned with his personal values and objectives.
On this episode we got to discuss an incredible amount of topics, including:
. Non-verbal sexual escalation
. The power of ‘Eye gazing’
. Being courageous
. Unapologetic honesty
. Owning your truth and intent
. Achieving the perfect balance between wanting and needing.
. How to avoid ‘creeping’ a girl out
. Overcoming approach anxiety
. Being committed to the moment
. Overcoming intimidation and fear


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