Hack Your Memory – Ancient Memory Technique to Memorize Dramatically More

Use this powerful, ancient technique to remember dramatically more, recall information significantly faster, and even learn more/learn faster… in other words: use this technique to hack your memory.

Okay, so you know this:

Memory is our ability to store, retain and recall pieces of information that we’ve learned.

But what you may not have realized:

The strength of your memory is the foundation of your intellect and your intelligence. Imagine if you could remember 50% more of what you learn or could recall twice as many of the names or facts that you hear.

…And by improving your memory you improve the rate at which you’re able to learn and retain information. Memory building is one of the most important and overlooked components of building your intelligence.

Sounds awesome, right?

Well… then you have to try this powerful memory technique, designed to quickly improve your memory:

The Pythagorean Memory Technique.

Yup… it’s from none other than Pythagoras of Samos (remember the Pythagorean Theorem?)

Here’s what it did for me:

Not only has the technique dramatically improved my overall memory, it has increased my memory recall/retrieval speed, has helped me sleep better, and has even subconsciously made me more present in everyday life.

But here’s the best part about the technique:

It’s super easy AND only takes about five minutes each day. Try it tonight before bed!

…And for more information about this powerful technique, including its history, and a few tricks to do it better, check out our full article here:



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