Dating Advice for Men From a Woman

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Staying in?

So what are you going to do with this gift of free time?

Let me speak candidly here. Most of us are probably going to waste this unique opportunity in an unprecedented period of history on utterly unimportant stuff.

With all the instant access we have to modern day distractions is it any wonder that only the most disciplined and determined amongst us will come out better from this?

Here are the most common distractions we need to try our best to limit:

Scrolling though social media.

2. Watching endless news channels recycling the same news story we heard 10 minutes before.

3. Aimlessly clicking through TV channels.

4. Binging on boxsets.

5. Comfort eating.

6. Getting sucked in to endless text messages and group chats.

7. Over sleeping.

8. Drinking too much alcohol/other substances

9. Mastering our Xbox skills.

Moderation is key here. We have a choice to use this time to either procrastinate or to optimise. It’s really as simple as that.

You have the option of spending copious amounts of time on things that fail to benefit you in the long run.


You have the other option, which is to capitalise on this time to ‘better your self’

Personally, I have a whole list of things that I’m excited about finally getting round to doing,including learning a new language that I have been wanting to master for years but am guilty of putting off for YEARS!

If you have the winner mentality then you will undoubtlay see this as an opportunity to not only re-evulate what’s important to you but to work on yourself, improve the key aspects of your well-being and to ultimately come out of this stronger and better!

Let this be the perfect opportunity to focus on elevating your skills of attraction by investing a small part of your newly gifted ‘abundance of time’ to the Acceleration Home Training Program.

This program was initially created for those who were unable to attend our life changing 7-Day Mastery course, but due to the recent turn of global events and the recent surge in requests we have received for remote training, we felt it was a good idea to extend this opportunity to those who want to continue working on this important area of their life regardless of travels bans.

This program will only run from the 23 of March until the 22nd of May.

So availability is extremely limited.

You can find out more information about this opportunity by following this link: ACCELERATION PROGRAM

All the sessions are tailor-made to cater to your specific goals. The 40 hours of one on one sessions that my team and I will be dedicating to you are super flexible. This means that you can select the number of hours you want to use over a period of time that works best for you, so long as it remains within the 21 days from your induction.


If you have any further questions about The Acceleration Home Training Program send over an email and we will arrange for a time that’s convenient for you to go through your questions and hopefully find the best option for you.


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