Dan Bilzerian’s Secret To Getting Girls (…it’s not $$$)

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If you follow Dan Bilzerian on Instagram, then you probably think the only way you’ll get a beautiful girlfriend is to have tons of money, a yacht and a bunch of guns. But you don’t. And there is a way for you to get his level of success with women without having any of that.

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Take The Long View When Becoming A Master Of Seduction

It’s easy to get discouraged when things don’t go your way. But when you take the long view, there’s always room for improvement.

The Morning After – Tips for Dealing With Awkwardness After a Hookup

Lots of people often get in a hook up situation in a heated moment. Meaning that there are some liquor and drinks involved. When there are lots of drinks around, it is likely that they forget what they are doing and they end up waking up with a woozy feeling and feeling dazed. It is even possible that they woke up in someone else’s bed and they don’t really understand what has happened the night before. They can always avoid such awkward situations, if they know what to do the morning after.

Building Rapport With Women

When guys try to start off a new relationship with women, the sparks or the chemistry is important. How can someone expect to build a relationship without having the spark? Well, the connection or the attraction that someone feels over someone is called the rapport and it is an important element in starting off a relationship. Most guys will find ways to build rapport with women they like, but how can they know that she is truly the one for them?

Why You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About Micro-Game And Focus On The Big Picture

Macro game is much better for achieving massive success with women. In this article you’ll learn why.

The Secret Of Massive And Consistent Success With Women

Most guys are searching for their “dream girl,” so they shun seduction techniques. But that’s precisely how you’ll increase your chances.

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