(Copy-And-Paste) Perfect Tinder Openers

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In continuing with our mission to keep making progress, keep getting dates with women and finally getting that loyal and beautiful girlfriend you were meant to have… DESPITE A WORLDWIDE QUARANTINE and NATIONAL LOCKDOWN… let’s get more specific with how to succeed on Tinder.

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Using Hypnosis to Your Advantage – How to Hypnotize Women Without Words (Let Them Come to You)

You don’t need to learn complicated word patterns to hypnotize the girl of your dreams. Most guys believe that words work like magic spells, but they don’t. Just like with pickup lines unless you are able to engage your subject in the interaction you will fail miserably.

How To Get A Girlfriend By Setting High Standards

Most guys are playing with scared money. But when you know the secrets, you’ll know how to get a girlfriend.

How To Get A Girlfriend With These Three Easy Steps

Don’t have a girlfriend? Want one? Well friend, you came to the right place.

Read Her Levels Of Attraction With Psychic Accuracy With Non Verbal Communication

Non verbal communication is like having the opposing team’s playbook. No matter what she says, her body cannot lie.

How to Date, The Real Way

When one considers dating, the first thing to ask is why do you want to date. What you are looking for in a partner? Most people date because they are lonely and want someone to share their life with them.Still others just enjoy the chase and the game of going out and having a good time.

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