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How To Know What Young Women Want

Welcome to the unknown territory. No, just kidding. A woman’s mind can be tricky from time to time, but if you do the research, discover the desires of your target group and adjust the offering, you’ll be able to penetrate into her mind, heart and soul. Think of her as your customer and you as a salesman.

Must Know Dating Tips for Women

Learn some key facts about the dating game from a female perspective. Helpful tips and advice that may answer some questions about men for you.

Dating Singles-Are You Asking 4 Questions That Repel Love?

Are you dating to find love? Stop asking 4 questions that make you lonely. Start asking 4 questions that attract happy sexy love like a love magnet.

Want to Have Text Game on the Elite Level? 7 Shocking Secrets That Will Get You There

PUA text game is something guys like us want to know! If you want want text game you can brag about, learn these 7 shocking secrets that your competition doesn’t know about.

Baggage – Backpack, Overnighter, Suitcase, or Steamer Trunk?

And so as you enter that new relationship, as you discuss the past, the present, and the potential future, weigh all sides, surfaces, aspects, and segments. Do the issues fill a backpack, an overnighter, a suitcase, or a steamer trunk? Are the problems fixable, reparable, doable, or just impossible misery? The first three bring hope. But if it is a steamer of disaster, it’s time to turn and run.

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