A CRAZY pick up line that WORKS


Why Older Women Prefer To Date Younger Men

The dating scene has undergone a sea of change. Older women who are successful, mature and self confident are now dating younger men. The truth is that women mature faster than men which makes it reasonable for rich old men to date younger women. But on the other side of the spectrum, older women are now going for younger men despite the age difference and disparity in the maturity levels. There is evidence that women are more mentally advanced than men. It is for this reason that even young women look for men who are healthy, caring, loving, positive, thoughtful and happy. When women get older and become cougars, they tend to want the opposite. Hence, they go for younger men.

Dangerous Myths About SoulMates

I seldom rant about anything and try to be respectful of a professional colleagues opinion, but I have to take issue with some of the points in Dr. Carmen Harra’s article on Huffington Post. In it she writes about the “10 Elements of a SoulMate Relationship.” I believe that several of her elements are misleading and dangerous.

Soulful, Sassy Screen Names for Online Dating

I’ve done my share of online dating and sometimes think I’ve seen it all when it comes to unique screen names. Screen names create your first impression. It may seem minor, but the screen name or “handle” you use to identify yourself on a dating profile could be the difference between getting a response or getting passed over. This article makes suggestions for some sassy, soulful screen name suggestions.

Feel the Dating Fear and Start Doing It!

Dating is not ever effortless, but it’s time to let go of your fears and let things happen for yourself. This is your time to take action.

Language Technology For Female Desire

If you want to get a girl fascinated in you, this article is for you. Because desire usually comes right after fascination.

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