99.9% Of Women Are Turned On When You Do THIS

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You can tell from the way that most guys behave with the girl they like that they believe that always being there for her is what gets her attracted only to learn that ALWAYS BEING AROUND DOESN’T MAKE A GIRL WANT YOU. So you’ll learn the counter intuitive approach that does work.

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Why Even If You Are a Shy Guy You Can Date the Most Gorgeous Girls (Read and Prove Me Wrong)

It’s true; guys with better social skills attract more women. But, that doesn’t mean that shy men are doomed to loneliness. Some of the biggest leaders of all time where timid guys. Here are some ideas I want you to think about…

Why You Should Embrace Rejection And Be Happy When It Happens

Most guys are terrified of rejection. Unless you learn to love it, you’re cutting yourself out of a lot of action.

How To Avoid And Defeat The Wily Deceptions Of Approach Anxiety

Humans are insanely creative. Only sometimes we are creative in how we deceive ourselves.

Is It Manipulative To Consciously Steer A Girl’s Emotions Towards Sexual Desire?

When you want to find true love, you’ve got to be yourself and let it happen right? What if there were a much more effective way?

How To Lead The Conversation To Feelings Of Sexual Desire

When you talk to a cute girl, you’ve got one thing in mind. And it’s not playing a wicked game of gin rummy.

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