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Gentleman’s game here charisma it’s something that most of us wish we had more of you’ve probably had an experience where you are able to come off as very charismatic maybe for a whole day maybe just for a single interaction these qualities of self-confidence high energy contentment these are things that most people lack so when they’re around someone who radiates those charismatic traits they get drawn in they get excited charismatic people can sometimes seem supernatural and extraordinary almost like stars and the truth is anyone can learn to cultivate charisma by practicing their presence they can learn to attract attention whenever they walk into a room charisma is also highly seductive it’s hard to resist a man with charisma so today I’m gonna go over seven ways you can increase your charisma and become the eighth type of seducer in Robert Greene’s novel the art of seduction the charismatic by the way if you haven’t checked out my artist seduction series yet make sure to do so right here so number one purpose the charismatic seducer understands that if people believe he has a plan that he knows where he’s going they’ll follow him instinctively and honestly it doesn’t even matter that much whether or not you’re right you just need to pick a cause or an ideal something you’re passionate about then communicate a vision of how you plan on getting there as a man it’s doubly important to have a sense of purpose girls want to feel like you have a direction in your life that you’re working towards they don’t want to be the ones making the plans in order to have purpose you have to ask yourself what are your life goals what do you want to work towards we all have a finite amount of time on this earth what do you really care about spending it on is it helping stop homelessness or using yoga to help people become healthier or building a successful business whatever it is you have to commit to it and then you will have a strong sense of purpose having purpose and vision is even more important during times of crisis since most people hesitate before taking action whenever they’re in trouble if you could show single-minded purpose and self-assurance you’ll be irresistible people will believe you simply from the force of your character charismatic people oftentimes thrive under pressure a crisis lets them show strengths and enhances their aura of charisma JFK for example came to life when he had to deal with the Cuban Missile Crisis number two mystery mystery is one of the most charismatic traits you can have but when I say mystery I mean a specific kind of mystery it’s a type of mystery caused by contradiction for example Peter the Great was both cruel and kind Sigmund Freud was intimate and distance so on and so forth you see most people are predictable they’re set in their personalities and their behaviors are mostly based on patterns they’re easy to categorize so when you have contradictory qualities it’s an extremely mysterious charismatic trait to have it makes you hard to fathom hard to understand it adds a layer of richness and complexity to your personality to the point where it’ll make people want to talk about you the way you want to do this is by revealing your contradictions slowly and subtly over time if you just come right out and start contradicting yourself throwing them out right on top of the other people might think you have a weird erratic personality but if you show your mysteriousness gradually people will pick up on it much more naturally and effectively word will spread and soon you’ll have the reputation of a fascinating walking contradiction in order to do this effectively you’re gonna want to keep people at an emotional arm’s length to keep them from figuring you out another aspect of mystery is a hint of the uncanny basically it’s something that seems realistic yet almost a bit unreal like a waking dream for example I know this guy Randy who for some weird reason always seems to predict things accurately I remember he predicted that Bitcoin was gonna blow up years ago for instance and made some money from that I remember he predicted that I was gonna end up as a youtuber and lo and behold I guess he was right he’s gotten some stuff wrong from time to time but his seemingly uncanny ability to always have a good instinct about the future gives him a bit of mystery and it makes him much more charismatic as a result number three eloquence a charismatic person relies on the power of words pretty simple to understand why since words are the quickest way to create some sort of a mo no disruption you can use words to uplift someone to elevate them stir anger without referring to anything real using a wide range of vocabulary definitely helps with eloquence but the main important thing is that they have to be emotionally charged the opposite of charisma is boring so you want to hit people in their emotional core to do this it helps if you’re as emotional as caught up in the words as the audience or the person you’re talking to is for example during the Spanish Civil War Dolores Gomez gave pro-communist speeches that were so emotionally powerful that it determined several key moments in the war he did this by using certain speaking devices catch words slogans rhythmic repetitions phrases that the audience could repeat these are all tools that you can incorporate in your own speech to come off as more eloquent and charismatic the thing is two people with completely different personalities and ideals can cause eloquence to be more charismatic for example take JFK and Hitler John F Kennedy was a freedom-loving man who won over his crowds with eloquence and by being able to portray a vision Hitler on the other hand was unfortunately equally charismatic using eloquence to gain more and more power even though his aims were pretty evil number for uninhibited thing is most people are repressed and they have little access or awareness for how they subconsciously feel they live according to the norms of society they don’t want to rock the boat and get some sort of negative public feedback the charismatic person knows that this is actually an opportunity for him to stand out almost like a screen on which other people project their secret fantasy of doing whatever they want you see you have to show that you’re more uninhibited than others people might even get the sense that you have no fear of death or you’re completely spontaneous and do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt other people even just the hints of these qualities will instantly make you seem more powerful and charismatic I especially noticed this to be true during times when I’ve gone traveling for example in some Eastern European countries where people are more conservative and reserved showing uninhibited necessity charisma since most people in these cultures are so used to being conscience of what their family friends neighbors and other people in the community think of them when they encounter someone who’s completely uninhibited it’s like a breath of fresh air you’ll be someone that makes them feel excited like they’re temporarily rebelling against something by living vicariously through you the cool thing is that since you’re from a different background they’ll automatically excuse most of your outlandish behaviors and will a lot of the times even find them charming endearing and charismatic the key to being uninhibited is to express yourself without any restraints chances are you have good intentions you probably don’t want to hurt people you probably like to make people laugh hone in on these universally appealing emotions and then let yourself go socially don’t be afraid of what people think of you an example of a charismatic person is the 1950s American actress Adam mentioned she took the world by storm through her unbridled sexual energy and her fearlessness she would appear on the stage half-naked performing death-defying acts few women would dare do such things in the Victorian period as a result a rather mediocre actress became an international cult figure number five vulnerability one thing that charismatic people know how to do is to selectively display a need or want for love and affection they’re open to whoever they’re talking to in fact they feed off the energy of their audience who then in turn gets electrified by the charismatic the reason showing vulnerability is so charismatic is because when you show confidence and only confidence and never any weakness it’s almost inhuman people won’t be able to relate to you and they’ll be less inspired than someone who can be confident when he wants to but also isn’t afraid to make himself vulnerable it’s humanizing and makes you less intimidating and frightening since charisma involves strong positive feelings that almost resemble love you should in turn show your love and appreciation to people by making yourself vulnerable and giving them space to give the same love back a good example of this is Marilyn Monroe who was able to radiate confidence and charisma in front of the camera she wrote in her diary I knew I belonged to the public and to the world not because I was talented or even beautiful but because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else the public was the only family the only Prince Charming and the only home I had ever dreamed of in front of the camera Munro suddenly came to life flirting with and exciting her unseen audience you see people should get the sense from you that you care about them enough to at least desire their affection in a non needy and non manipulative way remember people and especially girls desire to be desired and if you can trigger this feeling in them by being vulnerable from time to time it’ll come off as very charismatic number six adventurousness this one ties with being uninhibited charismatic individuals are unconventional they have an essence that screams adventure and risk it attracts others around them since most people are bored spontaneity is an extremely attractive and charismatic trade since it shows you have a fun-loving spirit and go out of your way to suck people into your adventures if you can get people to do stuff they normally wouldn’t do out of their comfort zone and give them long lasting memories they’ll be addicted to you better yet if you can be courageous and exude that non given F attitude by taking risks for the good of others you will instantly be seen as someone with leadership qualities an example of this was Napoleon who made sure his soldiers always saw him manning the cannons during battles or Lenin who walked openly on the streets despite all the death threats he received a great way to show adventurousness is to spontaneously invite people to last-minute plans that you make it doesn’t even have to be all that special a hike a night out with friends the fact that you came up with it spontaneously will make you seem adventurous and charismatic and finally number 7 magnetism if there’s one single attribute that’s crucial in seduction it’s the eyes charismatic people tend to master the language of eye contact in order to get others to like them you see eyes reveal excitements tension detachment without a single word being spoken in direct communication is absolutely crucial in seduction and also in charisma someone with lots of charisma might have a calm and poised demeanor but their eyes are magnetic they have a piercing gaze that disturbs their targets emotions exerting force with no word said and no actions taken for example Fidel Castro had this aggressive gaze which would reduce his opponents to silence Roosevelt would apparently dilate his pupils at will making his stare both hypnotic and intimidating president Sukarno of Indonesia had a gaze that seemed as if it could read thoughts the charismatic seducer has eyes that rarely shows fear or nerves thing is this is something that’s actually acquirable in fact I knew someone who wanted to improve his eye contact by spending an hour a day in front of a mirror trying to make his gaze look like some famous movie star not saying you have to do that but a little bit of practice goes a long way the key is self-control the look doesn’t necessarily have to be aggressive it can show contentment remember your eyes can either show charisma or it can give you away as a fake so don’t leave such a thing to chance practice the effect you want to produce so those are seven ways to becoming more charismatic which are again purpose mystery eloquence uninhibited natee adventurousness and magnetism have you liked this video do me a favor and give it a thumbs up.

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