7 Physical Traits that Turn Women On & 1 That Doesn’t! (Dating Advice for Men 2020)

7 Physical Traits that Turn Women On & 1 That Doesn’t! (Dating Advice for Men 2020)

The good news about these traits that turn women on is that most of them can be developed by any guy.

Nope, you can’t change your height (well, you can, but it’s expensive and painful and risky) but you don’t need to.

If you develop some or many of these physical traits you’ll have your pick of the kind of women you want.

There’s also a bonus trait that some men will be able to develop and some won’t (because of your age).

Finally, I bust the myth of one of the biggest misconceptions men have about “this” physical trait (nope, not the size of your Johnson) and how women could care less if you’ve got it or don’t.

So watch the video then I’d love to know from you which traits you might try to develop AND which ones you’ve already got down pat! Comment!

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xo AJ

p.s. Nachos! I had nachos for dinner. Because I can. Here’s a non-physical trait this redhead likes in a man: dude who can cook! Or BBQ, I’ll take a good BBQ meal any day. (If you read this far, you get an extra point!)


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Disclaimer: Anna is not a shrink or psychiatrist or licensed therapist. You are responsible for your own actions. That’s life.

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