7 BEST Places To Meet Women- NO NIGHTCLUBS!

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Now I know I released a similar video back in 2014, but as I’m sure you have realised, the dating scene has changed considerably since then, which is why I felt it was the right time to release an updated version!

With the rise of ‘social media addiction’ and the very gradual and unintentional phasing out of nightclubs ( YES-this is happening!) There has been a recent explosion of other opportunities to meet women which don’t involve having to use anymore dreaded dating apps or spending a small fortune in a crowded nightclub.

On our Weekend Workshops and 7-Day Mastery Program, we take our students to many of the hot-spots that I share with you in this video – and more! But more importantly, we also show them how to spot opportunities and subtle indicators of interest that the majority of men overlook and that can be found anywhere and in any situation or environment…….when you know how!

You see, there are lots of opportunities to meet women, and all our students are blown away by this realisation when they attend our courses and go to these hot spots that they completely overlooked before and experience real results!

So whilst the other guys around you are knee deep in scrolling through profiles of girls who don’t look like their photos, hoping that just one of them replies to their messages, you will literally be getting ‘real life’ results.

So what has changed ?

It’s never been a better time to approach women in an authentic and organic way.
Everyone I’ve speaking to lately has reached breaking point with the dating apps scene (all my female friends have given up on them now) and are looking for the thrill of being approached and meeting someone in a way that’s exciting and bold and doesn’t have that contrived and tired feel that they experience when meeting men through dating apps.

So start before all the other guys out there realise that women are leaving the dating app scene in droves!

If you are one of those guys who no longer wants to rely on dating apps or noisy nightclubs in order to meet women, then you’ll find the content in this video super useful.

Of course, I couldn’t share ALL our secret hot-spots for meeting women in the video, as I’m sure you can understand that this would be unfair to the guys who come on my Weekend Workshops or my 7-Day Mastery Program, however, there are enough there to get you started!

Male Confidence Meets Female Resistance

Men need confidence to approach and interact with a woman. As he approaches, she’ll be watching his body language, she’ll talk with him a little, then she’ll pretend she doesn’t care for him. All while she reads his actions, and if he has a relaxed presence about him. Awkward pauses, he’s good at those too. He doesn’t seem all clingy to her, he could break rapport, no problem. So he’s proved to be attractive to her! Why? Because he remained calm and independent of the outcome. She knows there are other girls around that he could talk to. So she’s keeping this one for now.

How Can You Find Local Cougars To Date?

Age-Gap dating is becoming more and more popular. If you are a younger man looking to meet a local cougar here are some great tips to have a look through to help you find that older woman of your dreams.

The Truth About Dating Someone With an Incurable STD

Whilst there is no doubt about the fact that dating someone with an incurable sexually transmitted infection is difficult, it isn’t impossible when you share impeccable understanding with your partner. When you’re dating someone who is living with an STD, it becomes important to understand his medical condition and offer support.

What You Should Know As A Man Dating Over 60

When you are over 60 and looking for love or a relationship, you are most likely to want to date women around your age as well. Luckily, there are dating sites that are solely for over 60s and this makes it easy for you to find potential partners who are just as mature and experienced as you are. But as a man, there are things you really cannot forget even when you are dating an over 60 woman you expect to have a better grip on relationships.

Simple Tips To Happy Dating Over 60

Everyone wants to be loved and to love and when you are over 60 this is no different. You are neither too old to love or to be loved and you might even surprise yourself when you end up falling head over heels in love and this age. Dating websites have come to make the process even easier for over 60s wishing to find love and happiness and when you take your time choosing a good site that has a huge number of singles, your chances of finding love increases. To be successful and happy when dating over 60 however, there are a few things that you need to remember.

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