7 Best Martial Arts – Deadly Fighting Styles for Self Defense

There are thousands of martial arts styles out there, here are the 7 best, designed to turn your body into a veritable weapon.

While violence should be avoided as much as possible, there are bad people in this world, and at times it’s unavoidable.

And that’s why one of the most important skills a man can have is the ability to protect himself and his family from an attacker. But with the thousands of martial arts that you can learn, it’s important to pick a fighting style that’s designed to be effective.

How do you defend yourself? How do you fight? And which is the best martial art for self defense?

Aikido (Japanese)? Wing chun (Chinese)? Taekwondo (Korean)? Ju Jutsu (Japanese)? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (aka BJJ)? Krav Maga (Israeli)? Muay Thai (Thai)?

In this video, we show you the best martial arts styles for self defense, and tell you exactly why each style is so effective. Learning any of the 7 will teach you how to fight, how to defend yourself, and will turn you and your body into a weapon.

To jump to the best martial art for self defense here: 3:39

And if you’re looking for more detail about each of these martial arts, check out our full post on the 7 best martial art styles for self defense here:



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