7 Behaviors That Make Her Chase You

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By now you should already know that girls are way more attracted to your inner qualities than your outer qualities. So today we’re going to cover 7 personality traits that make you a more masculine and together guy and gets girls to like you, become invested in you and chase you.

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Don’t Be a Man’s “Therapist”

Sometimes women think that listening to a man’s problems (whom they are just beginning to date) will bring them closer together. However, the opposite is true.

Getting Your Man to Be Open

What can be frustrating in any relationship is when your partner won’t open up and communicate with you. Notorious for this kind of behavior, are men. Getting a man to open up to you in a relationship is something that may take some wisdom and patience. Here are some tips on getting him to open up and communicate with you.

How to Gain Confidence With Women With a Minimal Amount of Effort

Would you like to know how to gain confidence with women with a minimal amount of effort? In this article I am going to show you some shortcuts that will transform you into a self-assured male, almost instantly. The techniques I am going to share don’t require any hard work. Just apply and enjoy.

Top Dating Red Flags for Women

Dating can be fun, but you can also get your heart broken if you fail to see the red flags in the beginning. To avoid getting hurt, keep your eyes open, observe your date and don’t get too attached until you’re sure of his intentions and his character. The following are some of the top red flags to be aware of:

Is He Into You? Read This and Find Out!

Oftentimes women rack their brains trying to figure out if a particular man likes them. They analyze micro signs like, “Oh he kept walking by me and stared at me all night long, he must like me!” Or “He always emails me interesting articles I like, but he’s never asked me out, he must like me a lot but is shy!” Or “He added me on Facebook and always likes my photos, I think he wants to ask me out but doesn’t know how!”

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