7 Actual Examples of How To Talk To Girls

In the past, I’ve spoken on general tips and mindsets to keep in mind when you’re talking to a girl. At the request of one of my subscribers, I made this video to include 7 actual examples of how to talk to girls.

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I did a video a while ago on how to talk to girls in that video I gave you guys some mindsets and tricks to keep in mind when you’re running out of things to say but since people have been messaging me for some specific examples of what to actually say I decided to make today’s video a list of seven examples of things you can say to her whether to start the conversation or continue it so number one an observation people might also call this a cold read but in reality all you’re doing is noticing something about her and then giving your opinion on it it could be about her style of dress maybe the way she’s walking her facial expressions pretty much anything that catches your eye about her an example could be something like wow you’re wearing a really bright dress the red pattern is really eye-catching again nothing too complicated you’re just making an observation about her something else you can comment on is your surroundings so as an example let’s say you’re at a concert when you first meet her you can make an observation about the venue or the music like wow I can’t believe they got these cool strobe lights or the song is awesome just wait for the chorus to kick in number 2 make an inference when you’re eventually trying to get to know her a bit more you can either ask her a question not the question in a really boring almost interviewee kind of way which I don’t recommend or you can make an assumption about her based on an observation you already made so let’s say you observed that a girl is wearing like really tight leggings an assumption will probably look something like hey those leggings look pretty cool you’re definitely on your way to dance class or something notice I started off with an observation that made an inference on top of that that’s normally how I like to do most of my assumptions after making an observation it helps add life into the conversation because even if you’re wrong a lot of times she’ll be curious why you made that assumption about her which will lead to a good conversation and if you are right she’ll instantly feel a connection with you number 3 troll her this is pretty much when you’re teasing her about something now I want to preface this one by warning you guys not to take it overboard when you tease her it should be very obvious to her that you’re not being serious too many guys crossed the line when it comes to teasing and end up insulting her to the point where she cries or doesn’t want to talk to you anymore so remember to always have a playful vibe when you do this my favorite way to do this is to tease her about something that clearly doesn’t apply to her just to make sure she knows I’m joking so for example let’s say the girl you’re talking to is a really petite woman with a really kind cutesy personality algo way to tease this kind of girl would be to playfully point in her arms and say oh my gosh you’re so strong and muscular please don’t bully me you’d like totally beat me up while having a very playful grin on your face remember the more playful the better number for use we according to multiple studies done by the University of Minnesota when people use words like us or we when talking to other people as opposed to words like you or me it establishes a stronger bond and when you’re talking to a girl you like using we is a good way to gauge how into you she is some examples would be like whoa we have such a similar taste in movies or we should go play with my dog back in my crib when you use this we frame you’re pretty much bringing her into a mind frame where it’s you and her against the world her initial reaction well either be to go along with it or just rejected this is why I suggest using the we frame after there’s already been some reports that wished as it’s less riskier that way if you start using we a lot too early she might get scared off if she hasn’t invested a lot into you yet number five ask her logistics so let’s say you’ve been talking to her for a while now but things are going well eventually they’re gonna need to see what she’s up to to see if you’re able to hang out with her more so why not ask her especially if you’re running out of things to say where’s she going how long has she been here for if she here herself or with friends these are all things you should be trying to find out but here’s something to keep in mind especially if you’ve just met her never ask her questions consecutively if a random stranger is asking you hey where you going who you here with do you have to go home early tonight all these protruding questions it’s gonna come across as super creepy but if you ask just one question at a time that makes some small talk based on her response before asking or something else it’ll feel more natural number six thread the conversation this one is arguably the most important on this list for attracting girls in general because starting the conversation will require you to user listening skills so you need to be very present when you’re with her I made a video on conversational threading before but basically during the conversation she’ll have certain branches that you can swing from it might sound obvious but the truth is that most guys are so stuck in their heads thinking about something clever or witty to say that they can’t even listen to what she’s saying so make sure you’re listening to her at all times now there are a few ways to throughout the conversation you can add on to what she’s saying with a comment you can ask about or empathize with feelings about the topic may be related with something personal about your own life or you can tell a funny witty joke based on what she said whatever you choose to do it all comes back to being a good listener number seven the compliment so this is the last one and it’s pretty straightforward basically you just give her a compliment based on something about her in my personal experience girls react way better when you compliment them based on something about her character or personality rather than just her looks I mean don’t get me wrong if something about her looks genuinely impressed as you you can let her know in a casual kind of flirty way but generally speaking girls respond more positively when you comment on them as a person like yo you actually have magical taste in music or you know I notice you’re actually a pretty generous person I respect that your hearts in the right place rather than something superficial like wow you have a really nice body or I like your hair again just for my experience of course every girl is different keep in mind though that compliments shouldn’t be used too often if you’re complimenting her too much she’ll know you like her and you’ll risk coming on too strong so those are 7 actual examples of things you can use to talk to any girl hope you guys pick something up from this if you have any questions write them down.

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