5 Habits That INSTANTLY Make You UGLIER – How to Not Be Ugly (Proven Tricks)

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Guys, are you at all curious about the habits that instantly make you uglier? Have you ever been inexplicably ghosted without warning? Well, chances are you made one of these critical mistakes and displayed one or more of the most common habits that instantly make you uglier. But once you know what you’re doing wrong, you can easily avoid those habits and become instantly more attractive. Well, here’s how to be more confident and how to get your crush to like you.

How Much Do You Put Up With in a Relationship?

It’s interesting to note that one of the by-products of being a nice person and wanting relationships to work – is accepting less than you are worth just to either keep the peace, or to try to avoid the possibility of someone leaving you. Women are the most likely candidates for this behaviour. Many women get drawn into the media hype surrounding age and babies and end up believing they have to meet someone before it’s too late. Others interpret failed relationships as a reflection of being unworthy or unloveable. In both instances, when such women meet a potential partner, they put up with much more than they normally would, out of fear the relationship might end.

Use Scarcity To Make Her Desperate For You

The real secret of all those, “get your ex back” products. And when you should ignore them.

You’re Missing Plenty Of Green Lights And Clear Opportunities For Seduction

Most guys get lots of open doors. If you notice them, you’ll get a lot more.

How To Attract A Woman: 5 Things That Turn Her Off

Are you wondering why you’ve been rejected? Learn how to attract a woman with your charm and confidence. Read on…

Plant Seeds Of Attraction In Her Mind

If you plant flowers, they will grow. If you plant attraction, she’ll be all over you!

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